Money and brains are two completely different things obviously…

. But how are they valued in our society? Most people in this world who are money hungry would think that money dominates knowledge every time. However that’s why they are still hungry for money. They don’t have any money because they don’t care to learn how to make it. If you want to make real money, then you need to be willing to learn. Knowledge doesn’t go down in value in value.

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Money does. Every day the value of currency goes on a roller coaster. However, knowledge stays strapped in on a roller coaster that only seems to go up. You see, People who are rich don’t really seem to be stupid. Unless they win the lottery, their great fortune is gone before they can blink because they spend spend spend. They don’t invest.

that’s a perfect example of how you must learn to use your money with responsibility. Money is powerful no doubt, but knowledge is even more powerful. If you have both, Then you night as well be a demigod. You might say, “rappers are so rich and keep getting richer. “Andrew, you’re wrong because most rappers don’t even use proper English!”.

Well, they are still really smart. If you had the chance to sit down with a rapper and talk to them you would learn more from them than you can in any day at school. I have heard some of the most complex and interesting philosophies from rappers. And “they spend their money on money, while others spend their money on clothes” – 21 savage (guap). They know to invest and grow, not squander their fortune.

Knowledge has to be the most valuable thing in the world in my opinion. We learn every day, every minute and every second. We make mistakes and recover. People who don’t learn from those mistakes will stay stuck more than a convict with fifteen life sentences. However, if the convict is smart enough he might just be able to talk his way out of it. Knowledge is so powerful.

the ones who refuse to learn because they “know it all” will be stuck in their mind battening a brick wall that’s ten feet thick with their bare hands. If they would just decide to tell them self that they can learn more, that wall would break into a million pieces and they could move on. Many will think that their education stops after college or high school. However its quite the opposite. You will do more learning than ever out of school.

The moment you have the time that school takes from you to devote to other things is the moment that real learning starts. One who drops out of high school to start a business and get REAL WORLD EXPERIENCE will learn more and make more money (if they stick to it) than any college graduate ever will. Take a lot of the richest business owners today,most of them drop out of college or high school because they realize what they learn is useless and insipid. So they go on their own. One who goes his own path away from the flock is destine to uncover more and learn more than the flock by far. Time, everyone has it, but no one knows fore sure how much they have.

Actually we do know that we have at least none. We could die at any millisecond. so, why do people dedicate so much of their time to nine to five jobs that they hate? I believe that they do this because every one tells them “just suck it up and get to the weekend” or its because its “safe” in this economy, any job is risky. you could lose that pathetic job at any time. So create your own economy and start your own vision.

Not only will you be happier, but you’ll have all of that time that you would waste on sucking up for your boss (who took the risk and is living the life) to yourself. You may think that you have already done your best and that you cant do better. I ask you to step out of your nest and comfort zone and try something new. You’ll soon realize how much more your capable of. seriously? the best thing you have done was quit your job and start your business and create a substantial income? You can’t do more? If that is what is stuck in your mind, don’t be deceived.

You are capable of doing so much more, you just need the burning desire to do more.