Rape Abuse

“Every 109 seconds, an American is sexually assaulted, and every 8 minutes the victim is a child.Meanwhile, only 6 out of every 1,000 perpetrators will end up in prison” (“Statistics | RAINN”).Rape is a form of a sexual activity that is unlawful and carried out by force.

After such tragedy, the victim can fear for their personal, as well as their family’s safety. Depression, loss of self esteem, , and even suicide can be caused from rape. The Downs and Outs When one is feeling discouraged and downhearted, that causes a state of depression .It doesn’t matter the age, race , nationality, gender, religion, or sexual orientation depression can happen to anyone.Rape victims has the highest percentage of people who suffer from depression.Not only does rape cause depression, it makes a person have low self esteem as well.

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In addition, low self esteem makes a person look down on themselves as if their not good enough. Unhappy with self Having low self esteem is an awful way to live life.Low self esteem can really mess with a person’s emotions.The way a person feels about himself is considered self-esteem.Low self esteem can cause depression, mixed emotions, discouragement, and anger.

Talking to a stranger could be difficult for someone with low self esteem.(“Top Ten Facts about Low Self Esteem”). Bad Thoughts Suicidal thoughts may or may not be a cry for help or even a confused accident, it depends on what the victim was going through before the assault.Suicide may cross many rape victim minds.From all the physical and emotional pain a person may feel like they are living in hell on earth.

They feel worthless because they did not have any control over the situation. DON’T DO IT!!! Many lives are destroyed from being raped.Rape victims face a course of different feelings.Their moods may be up and down.They go through a phase of having low self esteem, to being depressed, and then to having suicidal thoughts.

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