Reality Show

Racism has been a contentious issue in the American society for a very long time. A lot of efforts have been put in place by various civil groups to fight against it. A very great contribution has been made by the media which has been influencing people in different ways (Cedric, R.

, 2008). This has been through production and subsequent airing of a multiple series of reality shows particularly in the television channels. Commendable job was done by the producers of I Spy. It shunned all kinds of racism which had been deeply rooted in the film industry at the time. I would like to say that most of the reality episodes I have watched have sensitized me on racism.

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To begin with, Amazing Race demonstrated racial equality by treating all the racial groups with the due respect they deserve. Putting both whites and blacks to compete in a similar championship is a show of appreciation. The free mingling of these people indicates that there is no need for them to be segregated. This confirms the current trends in sporting activities such as Olympics which often unites participants from various racial backgrounds (Gorman, B., 2011). However, some shows such as Real House Wives and All Babies’ Mama have negatively influenced me.

They are some of the episodes which demonstrate how persistent racial discrimination has become. For instance, Real House Wives gives a story of the struggles of desperate house wives in the racial American community. They have to struggle for survival.On the other hand, All Babies’ Mama portrays the inferior superstitious aspects of African culture. It is so stereotypical and demeans the blacks as polygamists who can even marry ten wives. I would like to conclude by acknowledging the important role played by the media in the society today.

Since it so influential, it should be used to educate people not to engage in evils like racism.