Reflection on Doctorial Studies

Pursuing a Doctoral Degree in FinanceI have an outstanding work with wonderful advancement chances.

My computer science and analytical knowledge are lauded and recognized at my well-paid work at a prominent investment bank. Furthermore, I take pleasure in academic interactions with my Ph.D. friends; have numerous colleagues, and my managers appreciate me. Despite all these, I am still feeling annulled in my life.

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I am aware that I don’t have choice in case I have to pursue my long-term objective and my dream during my childhood – teaching and publishing research, even though my colleagues and friends doesn’t comprehend my decision to quit my rewarding occupation. I don’t act impetuously, and I am sure that I came up with a right decision despite the fact that my friends think that I am forfeiting certain vocation advancement for unessential training. They are not aware that I will derive even better satisfaction by pursuing a doctorial degree when compared to earning higher wages and improving in my current career. I will have priceless chances to attain my dreams by pursuing a doctorate. I am provided with a world of satisfaction and a sense of achievement through learning. As long as I continue to learn, the more I feel fulfilled.

I don’t learn exclusively to use my skills in a practical setting; instead, I am motivated by the mission for skills and learning challenges. I took my current job initially because I viewed it as being invaluable chance to improve my learning experience. I have accumulated good finance knowledge over the past two years. During this period, I was introduced to GARCH procedures, Bayesian Statistics and other topics regarding time series analysis. I also gained experience on how to categorize various optimization tasks and to price volatility tasks.

Nearly all of my work revolves around practical side of finance even though I didn’t wish to focus on it solely. For instance, I have carried out research that forecasted expected returns of assets as well as research on the best means through which trade can be executed. All these chances of researches were results-oriented. In most cases I don’t have a chance to look at finance’s theoretical aspects such as deriving closed-form solution so as to assess financial instruments, which I find interesting at a time. I am unable to test those empirical theories even though I do my best to widen my skills of theoretical finance through financial and econometrics books on my free time. I am therefore longing for an environment where I can carryout research simply for the curiosity’s sake.

I will be definitely provided with such an atmosphere and be permitted to proceed with quest for skill unrestricted by practicality boundaries by a doctoral program.Realization that my undergraduate education was only but a starting point in learning the essential finance knowledge, was one of the factors that facilitated my desire to attend the Ph.D. program. I have not yet learned the critical knowledge to manage during application of finance theories despite the fact that I was supplied by my computer science and finance degrees with the foundation of skills for each field and that my employment setting has permitted me to comprehend and utilize finance’s technical aspects.

Specialization through the Ph.D. program is vital since I have observed how my friends use their specific fields of skills to the comprehension of disciplines. For instance, one of my friends has applied his mathematical skills to solve a collection optimization problem while others have performed the different, applying their finance expertise to assist them comprehend mathematical problems. I am seeking this level of skills in finance so that I have ability to handle numerous varying problems that might challenge the application of standard rules.

In taking this course, I have in mind the urge to purse Masters in Doctoral and continue taking Finance as well. Finance is the elucidation of coherent human actions as viewed in the financial markets. The proposal of maximizing expected proceeds and minimizing risk is undemanding but really vital in providing explanation on the manner in which assets are valued. I benefit from learning about the interface of economic variables such as inflation, how the financial system works, and how changes of factors like currency affects market movement. On of the facet of finance that I really cherish is its relevance to other disciplines.

For instance, Brownian motion, which is used in modeling and evaluation of options while on the other hand eigenvalues and eigenvectors used in the disintegration and analysis of covariance matrixes. I suppose that my excellence in qualitative background has strengthened my ability to handle various issues including Doctoral profession. This is just to mention but a few, this has therefore acted as my motivating factor. In pursuing my doctoral degree in this institution could throw in extremely in me achieving my long-term goals. Pointless to say, it has a remarkable capability and a strong academic standing. But I am definitely happy about the qualitative approach to finance.

Particularly, I am interested in exploring the work of Dr. Andrew Lo, who is an outstanding figure in the area of neural networks and derivative pricing. I am also motivated by this institution in that it has a variety of individuals who are willing to work together and for that reason, we can be able to share so much.One of the areas that i would liken to concentrate most is the field of financial market innovation of emerging market countries. I have always thought of having alternative models to address the market changes.

In my research I will be answering the following questions: What strategy should be put in place to assure stable development in these countries’ financial markets? What is the reason for the huge volatility and low liquidity in the financial markets? Are there any common factors that drive these countries’ market variation? I suppose that in my Ph. D. program will enable me to carry out a research on financial market topics.I strongly believe that there is still much to be done in relation to financial academia. I believe that this doctoral program will really be helpful in the provision of relevant knowledge that is required in order to apply financial theories.

This in turn will aid me in my teaching and research disciplines that I intend to proceed with in my career. I am confident, committed, and determined to succeeding at Ph.D. studies, and I am confident that I will be capable of contributing greatly to the entire community of the institution in my area of concern.