Reflective Writing

Writing is a means of communication that seeks to ensure that the target audience grasps the intended message. However, poor analysis and lack of competence in presentation of the written may sabotage the intended purpose.

Whenever one sets out to write, the five competencies that comprise the assessment process must be adequately met. This is extremely crucial in keeping the audience interested in one’s work. It creates the willingness to find out more. The presented work throughout the semester is a clear reflection of my mastery and competence in writing and review. One of the competencies in writing is rhetorical knowledge.

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This is the need to clearly indicate to the reader what one intends to communicate to them early enough. The exemplary competence in the use of rhetorical knowledge was depicted in the second final draft on Child Labor. In my introduction, I clearly indicated to the audience that intended to tackle the effects of child labor and the impact of this on the child’s life and how it had become a problem in the United States of America. My thesis statement had the attention of my target audience right from the onset of the paper. The paper then went on expounding on the issue of child labor. Due to the fact that the issue of child labor is an international issue, tackling the topic had the curiosity of the audience fulfilled.

The paper then discussed the available laws on the issue and what governments and other corporations were doing about the issue. The effects were tackled extensively keeping the audience glued to my work as they were continuously informed of the reality on the ground. The paper ended by calling upon corporations to rise up to the occasion and eliminate this vice from the society. Another competence in writing is critical thinking in the presentation of idea. This was illustrated in my fourth final draft on Corruption.

Corruption is a social issue that has been around for a long time. The issue of corruption in Illinois is well explained in my draft. It is vital to note that people are quick to judge others yet they are not perfect. The paper on corruption explores the stereotypes that people have adopted over time in regards to corruption. For instance, there is the general perception that corruption is only profound in developing nations.

In the report on corruption, my competence in implementation of critical thinking is illustrated through the stand that I choose in regards to the issues of corruption. I clearly indicate that I neither believe in the stereotypes nor the excuses that individuals tend to give in regards to corruption. This competence is further indicated through the integration of my position with those of others in the fight against corruption. The paper ends by asking all and sundry to join hands in fighting corruption through taking personal initiative to eliminate the vice.Another competence in writing is the style and mechanics that one uses.

This is evidently illustrated through my first final draft on Health Care Reform, Effective or Not? Throughout the analysis of Paul Waldman’s article, my opinion on his sentiments is refined, precise and straight forward. This leaves the audience convinced of my stand in regards to the writer’s work. The paper clearly defines the stands that the writer takes in regards to the differences that existed between the Democrats and Republicans in regards to health reforms. The audience reading the response paper is well informed of the weaknesses and strengths of Paul Waldman’s article. From the beginning of the paper, the tone that I picked was decisive and it runs through to the end.

This prepares the mind of the audience such that they have total confidence ion my opinion in regards to Paul’s work. This plays a major role in ensuring that the audience reads the entire response paper. This is because they are totally convinced that my work is straight forward as I hit the nail on the head. Across the paragraphs in my work, the ideas are well arranged into two sets. This is such that I deal with the strengths and weaknesses of the article in an organized manner. This makes it easier for the target audience to understand my points of view.

The final competence in writing is 21st Century Literacy. This is clearly illustrated in my third final draft on Super 8 Movie Review. Exploring the events that take place in this movie helps one understand the role that technology plays in passing on messages. Movie review is a form of literary communication that has been enhanced by the continued advancements in technology. This is because through watching a movie, one is able to identify several issues and can analyze the literary devices portrayed throughout the film.

This is depicted by the analysis that I make regarding this movie that I had previously watched. It is an indication of how one can integrate the provisions of the 21st Century with literature. The movie review also lives up to making comparisons between civic issues and how ell they are dealt with in the society. This is because the movie explores the fears that children go through and how their parents may help them go through such situations.From the above analysis, it is evident that I have been able to utilize all that we have leant this semester.

This is because each of my drafts at least totally meets one of the competencies of writing that will be used in the assessment process.