Sharing Writing


.to me it is telling a story. If the story isn’t good, it means you need to work a little harder to make it better. If the story is good, then it means you are finished. But with writing, you can’t tell if it is good or not.

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That’s why it is important to share your writing, whether it is to a parent, a friend, or even a teacher. These people will give you constructive criticism and tell you if they like it, or don’t like it. You’ll never know what’s good or bad until you share. I personally like to share my work because it all leads to constructive criticism. But, it can be stressful sharing it, especially when they write stuff down on the paper that you need to fix. The main reason to do that, is when they either find mistakes, (another good reason to share writing) don’t like the writing, or find it uninteresting.

Then there are times when the people like the writing and they comment back to you in a good way, for an example, Wow! that was a really good story, I liked the way…..

etc. It makes me feel good, like I’ve accomplished something. When you share a writing with someone there will be some kind of criticism, whether it is constructive or not, you just don’t know. I honestly don’t take criticism very well, constructive or not, because I’m afraid my writing will be terrible. Even when people say it’s good you can easily tell when they are lying, just by the facial expressions while reading it.

When people do read it they should at least be nice about it instead of being really mean and harsh with their criticism, it’s frustrating! The reason I let you read it is so you can tell me what to do to make it better, not how terrible it is! I don’t like it when people just flat out say, “I don’t like this, if I were you I would just redo this whole paper.” It makes me feel like I’m dumb and like I disappointed whoever is reading the paper. Sometimes I’m nervous when I share my paper but that’s only when I think it is bad. But, you have to share it eventually so why not show it to a friend of family member first? Either way you will always get feedback on what they don’t like about it. All you can do is try a little harder and make it appear better to your audience.

When people respond happily or they like the paper it makes you feel better about yourself. It also lets you know when you’re finished. When you’re audience likes it then you can say “I’m finished.” But, it is easy to tell if they are lying to make you feel better about your writing, I’d rather be told a nasty truth then a pleasant lie, as long as they try to help make it better. When people try to make you feel better it means they don’t want you to get discouraged in your writing. After the good responses have been said and the paper or story is turned in, it then inspires you to write more, which then gives you the motivation to practice and get better at your writing.

I enjoy writing when it is a topic that I am interested in. I also like knowing the fact that I am improving in my writing skills every time that I write, because I am making it better to my audience every time that I write a paper.