“Relaxation”-The Key to Happiness

I believe in hard work being just as important as relaxation. Many people today are too stressed because they try to be perfect at everything they do. The truth is that I feel that one will live a better life if it is filled with fun and laughter. I am not saying that school work isn’t important to me, but I don’t feel it should take up my whole life. Everyone says in order to get a good job in the future just study hard.

I, however find that untrue. Grades do matter, but personality and attitude matters just as much, if not more. For example, I believe a sales person, has to make the buyer love them and the product. In order to make the sale they have to be happy, bubbly and convincing. If I am constantly stressed out, it will affect any job I do involving interactions with people. My older sister Amanda is currently in a really prestigious high school called the Academy of Allied Health and Science.

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This school consists of many homework assignments, tests, and projects. Sometimes she is up until three AM doing work, and knowing her she will not settle for anything below a 95. Some might think that she is like this all the time, but on the weekends she takes a break and goes out with her friends to parties and sleepovers. Not all of the other students at her school are this social. I hear that they stay home all the time. They chose to study year round, even in the summer.

They really do nothing else. If they do not get a 100 they will be very upset. Some kids don’t talk or hang out with a friend; they always just sit with their heads in a textbook. Hearing about kids my age putting so much pressure on themselves confuses me because I am not like that in any way. I love to relax! It takes my mind off all of the school work and the pressures throughout the day.

My grades still turn out to be good. For example this first semester of eighth grade I have been trying so hard to get really high grades. Some days I am up really late studying. This is very unlike me but I am determined to get accepted into a good high school. I know my life won’t always be like this but for now I am trying my absolute best.

I’ve learned through all of this studying that if people are like this all the time they will become very stressed out. I believe your life should not be stressful in any way. Sometimes I think; what if the world ended tomorrow? Wouldn’t I want my last days to be filled with excitement and adventure? Well, I think school work and relaxation should be an equal part of life. Perfection in anything does not exist, so why do some people try so hard? Working too hard can become stressful and this can’t be good for Health. Some people may have different opinions but I will continue to believe and follow this philosophy for the rest of my life.

So I feel, just a small adjustment to daily schedules balancing leisure with work, will improve life for the better.