Religion and Public High Schools

I believe that religion should be kept – solely and completely – out of public schools. There should be no prayers in any classroom, no crosses on any desks, and no emphasis anywhere on one belief or another.

Sure, a World Religions class can explore the past – when religion defined an individual’s allies and enemies – but only if each various religion receives equal attention throughout the course. Public schools are funded by the government and, last time I checked, church and state were supposed to be kept separate. If this is still the case, then the Bible verses our Forensics coach passes out before each tournament and the cross our Communications teacher keeps on his desk wouldn’t be allowed. Religion in public schools is a distraction and a contradiction. It distracts those of us who are tactful enough to keep our private beliefs to ourselves, and contradicts what every public school teaches – to be your own person. By allowing Christianity (chief among the religions showcased at my school) to be flaunted around campus, the powers that be seem to be saying that that’s the only way to go; that being a good Christian is what students should strive for.

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Religion has always had, and will always have, a significant role in every life. Every individual goes through times in their life which shape who they become and what they believe in. Public schools should merely teach – nothing more and nothing less. Show us the main ideas – tell us the facts – and we will decide for ourselves what we believe as truth and what we view as folly.