Results Day Pressure

Can your intelligence really be shown on one piece of paper? Yes, find out on results day Can all my future hopes and dreams be shattered in one day? Yes, find out on results day Can I never become employed because I failed English and Math’s? Yes, find out on results day Is my life over by failing all my GSCEs? Yes, find out on results day It is constantly programmed into our heads if we fail our GSCEs – It is the end of our future. Yes, you may encounter some major setbacks but GSCE results do not determine your entire life; many famous and successful people in society today that we applaud and view as inspirations did not entirely do well in their GCSEs. For example, Richard Branson owner of Virgin Media had dyslexia – he dropped out of school at 16. He is now worth billions of dollars. Additionally, the famous Simon Cowell left school with only a few GSCEs, he continued to strive and went on to be an international manager and the owner of the worldwide extravagant show X-Factor.

Conjointly, Albert Einstein was expelled from secondary school for being disobedient and rebellious. Einstein eventually became one of the smartest people to have ever lived and is still famously talked about till today. Yes GSCEs results are exceptionally important and hard work does pay off – but instead of being distressed make a negative result turn into a positive future.

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