Rules: Meant to be Broken or Follewed?

We live in a world where there are rules to be followed. Some, we feel are harsh while some are broken. We sometimes feel that we are restricted and we can’t do anything. We find these rules suffocating and feel that these rules are the root cause which take away our rights and independence.

But, one doesn’t realize the importance of these rules unless any accident happens. We see traffic signals, signboards, etc. placed along the road. These are commom and we see them every time, at every inch of the road. Sometimes we feel that they’re just absurd rules which are of useless and breaking them is “no big deal!” But alas! A person breaks the rule and meets with an accident. We are quite aware of young teens’ habit of bunking classes.

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It is quite common in school life. We often tend to say, “Ugh! It’s math, it’s so boring. Come on friends! lets bunk the class and roam around in the campus”. These students enjoy roaming around their campus but unfortunately, they are caught by a teacher and their parents are called. Poor parents have to face humiliation! I’ll give a last example, a person violates a law of a country by burgling jewellery from a jeweler shop. To his misfortune, he is imprisoned and is treated harshly over there.

These incidents happened only because of breaking the rules and laws. These instances can make you realize that rules are made for our welfare, for our safety. By not abiding these rules and laws, nobody but we suffer. Rules, which we feel are sources of suffocation, are rather our support which helps us fly in open air with safety and security. But that doesn’t mean that if a law which is oppressive must be followed.

Imagine if the government stops the export of salt in order to save salt in a country, what will happen? One can’t make money as their trade is ruined and this isn’t even fair. Nobody has the right to ruin one’s career. We also know about the oppression when other countries ruled. But the national leaders fought and the citizens became rebellious to fight for their independence. One of the instances is when the women fought against the law of not voting.

They fought for acquiring their right and independence and they finally got the ‘Universal Adult Franchise’. These were the fruits of their hardwork. So we must never forget that besides following certain rules, we too have independence and right to raise our voice against such rules which lead to exploitation and suppression. I would thereby conclude my article by stating that rules are meant to be followed and not broken but at the same time one has the rights to criticize an oppressive rule. We must be proud and content that we live in countries, where we have full-fledged independence. We should be thankful rather than crying and complainig for petty things!