Year round school Should year round school be in affect for South Dakota? As Julie Carr Smyth stated “teachers think that the more time in school means more learning advantages”. But she also stated the fact that kids would rather have their summers. So year round school will not benefit US students.

To begin with year round school doesn’t grantee that kids will learn more. Some schools in the US such as Minnesota and Massachusetts are not year round and they are still doing as good if not better than the kids who are in year round schooling stated Julie. She also asked the question if ” were kids moaning and complaining that there winter break as to short?” If so in year round school the winter break would be longer.” Patte Barth stated that as she looked at it she thinks teachers and instruction are still the most important factor more so than time. The centers study also found that some nations that outperform the U.S.

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academically, such as Finland, require less school (Smyth Carr). According to an article in science daily a study finds that students in year round school don’t learn more than their peers in traditional nine-month schools. A sociologist at Ohio state found that a study stated in over a full year of school, math and reading test scores have improved about the same for students in year round school as they did for students In the traditional nine-month calendar. Another problem with year round school may be that they don’t actually add more than a 180 day that are typically required. The number of school days in service with vacation days remain unchanged but they happen to be spread through out the school calendar. (Hippel) There are studies out there that prove that year round school is an issue.

According to another study in science daily people were able to take into account issues such as poverty and over crowding when comparing scores to ensure that comparisons between test scores in year round schools and traditional schools were fair. Over a twelve month period average test scores gain less than 1% larger in year round school than in the nine-month calendar. (Hippel) A study that stated having no year round school would save money. She also stated that child care in the summer would be hard for larger families. She also said that there would be little to no summer jobs that would have hours that are just after school. (Kelly) So what do you think? Would year round school help or hurt the U.S.? Your voice could be the one that saves the side that you think should happen.