The Savors case Is about Gloom and the way they conduct business In Savors, a Pacific Rim Island. Gloom Is an American telecommunications firm that has been In Savors a long time. They recently decided to expand the Savors branch and increase the amount of business it conducts in Savors. Business conducted in Savors has been so successful that Gloom started using the Savors firm as a training ground for new managers looking to climb the corporate ladder.

However, Savors is a patriarchal society and the businessmen do not work well with women managers. For this reason, Women who go through the training process at Savors hit their career ceiling because they cannot perform as well as their male counterparts in Copra’s culture. 2. Values In the Case The mall squalliest In this case are equality or fairness and traditionalism. Gloom, In accordance with American culture and laws, desires an equal opportunity for employees regardless of gender, race, etc. The people of Savors do not treat business this way.

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Their perception of business is more traditional. In Savors the men manage the businesses and only conduct business with other men. 3. Propose a Solution In order to solve this issue a middle ground must be found. Do something too extreme such as ignore the Sporran culture and force them to work with women managers and they may be offended and cease to conduct business with Gloom.

Be too confirmation toward the Sporran and Gloom would break U. S. Laws and limit the potential of up and coming female managers.

In order to appease both ides, Gloom should consider pairing their managers together into pairs. This way, businessmen in Savors get the opportunity to work with female managers with the reassurance of having a male manager present as well.

4. Description of Ethical Theory I think that Bunt ethics best suits this situation. Bunt focuses on community and the role an individual plays. Bunt also stresses respect for the well being of others and maintaining the dignity of others. The emphasis on patience, optimism and sympathy and empathy is important In this case as well. Application of Ethical Theory to Case using Bunt ethics Gloom would put emphasis on maintaining the business community that has treated them so well.

They would want to be patient with the change quickly. Gloom should respect that but also want to help them adjust to the changing business world. Patience and an emphasis on working as a community are important in solving this issue. If the focus is taken off the individual, the Savors businessmen won’t have to worry about the gender of the person they are working with.