Scenes Emos and Goths

As much as I hate to be stereotyped by others, I am stereotyped as your weird, out of place Scene chic. I like the odd things in life, I’m uber immature, uber loud, I’m random, outgoing, hardly ever serious, and of course, I’m head over heals in love with screamo{which is a type of music if you didn’t know}and rainbows.

I usually wear black, gray, or white (mainly black), skinny jeans and have my hair in my face. I know who I am and I don’t want to admit it, but I am actually the definition of “average Scene”. When I walk down the hallway or even when I’m not in school, people randomly walk up to me and ask: “Hey are you Goth?” or someone might say: “Go cry Emo kid!” and I find that so freaking irritating! I’m not Goth and I’m not Emo! Anyways, I thought I should take the time to explain the difference between the three. I think we should start with my stereotype- Scene. “Scene kids” are uber childish a lot of the time. We like little kid things.

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For instance, I absolutely love playing on the playground at the park, Winnie the Pooh, Hello Kitty, and finger painting. Another thing I like to do that throws me in the classification as Scene is my odd love of Rainbows. I also love to listen to music, mainly any type of rock (screamo being my fave), that is not really known. Scene kids, especially me, are loud and never really take life seriously. There are many other things that make me a Scene kid but by now, well I’m sure you get the idea.

Next I’ll explain the stereotype Emo. Well first of all, I should make this clear; all Emo kids do NOT cut them selves! That’s just a myth. Don’t believe that. People who cut them selves are called cutters. Back to the main subject, Emos.

Emo is believed by some people to be short for emotional, which I’m not a hundred percent sure about. It was originally just a style of music. Emo is pretty much punk with emotion. It’s all about showing people your inner self. Usually, Emo kids are depressed but not always. They have other emotions too.

This stereotype is confused with scene because of the style of clothes and the music we listen to is pretty similar. Though, Emo kids also listen to Indie music which isn’t uber popular amongst us Scene kids who prefer more hardcore music. Lastly is the Goth stereotype. This one is a bit of a tuffy considering I’ve never actually socialized with one before. Goths are usually very dark people who wear all black 24/7.

Oh yeah, Goths do not worship the devil. None of the stereotypes I’m describing does. People who worship the devil are called Satanist. Anyway, people in the Goth stereotype only tend to socialize with other Goths. They feel comfortable being around people like them. Goths, of course, usually listen to classic gothic rock or new gothic rock, metal (all kinds), industrial, classical, techno, punk, rock etc.

It really depends on the person actually. Marilyn Manson is a popular artist in this stereotype (though I love his music as well). They wear black pretty much all the time, but, on some occasions, will where other dark colors. By now I’m sure you really understand the difference between these three stereotypes. It’s a shock how many differences there are between each one. There are pretty much only two similarities between all groups: one is the way we dress, two being the music we like.

Though, both Emo and Goth are similar in that they are shunned by society. I hope you really get what the message this paper is sending. One more thing, don’t become a poser after you’ve read this. If you don’t know what a poser is (but I’m sure you do) it’s a person who tries to fit in with a stereotype. No one likes posers.