Maybe She's Emo?

Everywhere, no matter where I go I can hear them whisper “Is she Emo?” Why is it that people feel the need to fit everyone into a certain category? Why can’t we just be “people”? People assume that since I wear skinny jeans, Converse, and band T-shirts, I must be emo.

So, what, if I wear Hollister clothes, will that make me a Prep? If I wear all black, will that make me Goth? Why do we fit people into categories- Prep, Emo, Goth, Jock, Nerd? Sure it’s all fun and games- until someone gets hurt. People don’t talk to the “Goth” kids, because they assume they are heartless and worship the devil. Why? It’s because that’s what we always assume. When I see a very girly girl walking by, I immediately think ‘there’s another prep’. And yes, I’m admitting that I do it to, because that’s what I’m so used to doing.

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I can’t ever just walk by someone without putting them into a category. In high school, we all have our little cliques, and that really destroys some friendships and it tears people apart. Why must we judge people on how they look on the outside? How come we don’t look inside anymore? Nearly every person judges another person by their looks, and I have to admit that it’s very wrong. If someone is born with a deformed face, they’ll grow up with all the other kids calling him/her a “freak”. If you aren’t skinny enough, you will be degraded.

If you dress a certain way, you are put into a category and thrown with that group. Why do we do this? It’s not even necessary anymore. So many things could be avoided if we made friends judging them on their personality instead of their looks.