Should kids wear uniforms?

Do you think looking like everybody else? Neither do I. Uniforms makes us look like we are copies of each other. When kids wear uniforms parents waste too much money, and we want to show our personality also we have to learn how to dress appropriate in the future. “Society expects them to be committed to capitalism and democracy to hard work, honesty and to dress appropriate”. For example, if you get a job interview you can’t go in regular clothe because they are going to think you’re not responsible.

When you wear uniforms you don’t have to think of what to wear because you already know what’s expected to wear. When we wear uniforms we don’t learn how to dress ourselves in the future. Also we want to show our personality. When we wear uniforms it doesn’t let us show who we are. Kids show their personality by their clothes because it describes who we are. For example, kids wear certain clothes maybe because it’s what they think is cool.

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Also teachers don’t have a really strict policy like us the students. It’s not fair. In other words, it’s our choice on what to wear. Students have the right to make their own decisions. Kids should be able to pick out what to wear to school, Schools pick out for kids what to wear so some kids don’t put it on so they won’t go to school. Parents also suffer when kids wear uniforms.

Parent waste too much money in uniforms. It’s like $100-200 per child. That’s a lot of money. They have enough to buy supplies but buying uniforms is too much. Also they have to do more laundry more often than regular clothes worn outside of school. Kids should not use uniforms.

A solution we can do is wear what we want but nothing that has inappropriate things for school.