The First Day Of School Monologue

Ugh, what? You Totally just woke me up in the middle of the best dream ever! I don’t care if it’s the first day of school, I’m not going! *sigh* Fine. But just to see my friends, ok? Should I wear my shirt that says Homework Sucks, It Kills Trees, or is that to much? Ooh! I got it! I’ll wear my plain white tee shirt, ripped up skinny jeans, and drawn on Converse, that way my teacher wont expect much out of me. Ok, I’m ready. Later that day. Umm, yeah, Mom? Today at school I kinda already got suspended. For throwing a hot dog out of the window and it turned out it hit the principal. It’s not my fault they give us homework on the first day! Now that is child abuse!