Argumentative Essay on School

My entire life I have hated school. When I was little I would throw tantrums in the mornings at least twice a week because I couldn’t stand the thought of having to be in school all day. But the thing that pisses me off the most about my hate for school, is that I love learning. I love learning about things that interest me or things that spark an interest.

School has done the complete opposite of that. School has overall discouraged me from wanting to learn. Mainly because we don’t truly learn anymore. We learned a while ago that we must do what we’re told, get our work done on time, and not to complain when we are tired of it. All we have really done is carried that same knowledge to controlled environments where only this exact knowledge will be asked of us.

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You say that the skills we learn here are ones that will get us through life, but regurgitating information doesn’t seem like a very useful skill. There are great opportunities to learn in our everyday lives and surroundings, yet this system decides to disregard those opportunities and say that the real thing we should be focusing on is how to find the measure of a slope. Although I think this education system can be helpful for many students whose interests involve the small variety of topics offered at school, I think many people are not being given the opportunity to find out what they truly love and what they actually want to learn about.