School Narrative Essay

School is so stupid sometimes. 13 years of random knowledge most of what you won’t need in your future. With the hours, classes, and the food that they serve! School all round sucks. Let’s start with the hours they have us on for the first 18 years of our lives. 7:30 … 7:30 we really have to be to school that early. Being on time like that I have to wake up at 6:00.

That’s especially hard when I’m falling asleep at about 11 or 11:30 , and they say were supposed to get 8 hours of sleep I mean I’m close but it’s still never enough for someone who adores sleep as much as I do. I know there are even some people who probably have to get up before me so I know they feel my pain when I say the hours in which school starts to us are unreasonable. Now onto the classes that I have to attend on a daily basis, they are all 90 minutes long! Not like I have some hyper active disorder or anything but staying in the same room and possibly the same seat for 90 minutes is draining to anyone on earth. I could say it would be more bearable if I was the only one but I have to share the class with 20 or more others. Like some others I become annoyed very easily so with classes of a big size is inevitable, but I know I’m not the only one like this. I can say the only small advantage is I will most likely know someone in the class I get along with so that will make the 90 minutes not seem as bad.

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But nothing compares to what we actually have to learn in these classes. What’s crazy is if a teacher can’t teach all of the subjects, why we must learn them all. Seriously sometimes I think the teachers don’t even know what they teaching their just doing what their being paid to do. Like math, nothing against my teacher but I’m getting real damn sick of finding out what x equals. With the career I want to pursue I know for a fact there will never be a time I am giving 10 minutes out find out what x equals or any other letter of the alphabet .

With all these classes I believe I deserve more than 1 break cause sometimes lunch just isn’t enough. I’ll get to the lunch problem soon but let’s talk about these tests and quizzes they have us taking nowadays. Teachers say they want us to pass but it’s all just an act, if they meant would they said all test and quiz questions would be multiple choice and all we would have to do is find out the answer since it’s given to us. You teachers are tricky to I have now found out the technique you all have been using for years, teach the students the easiest way to do something then soon as that test come expect them to do what they did previously in the hardest way. Very smart for you but very hard on us.

Also some of you teachers have to respect that some kids just don’t study, not even the night before. So you ever heard of “cutting some slack”, if that was to go on more grades in my school would be doubled not doubt about it. Now we are off to lunch. I can tell you from who I know and hang around with nobody actually look forward to what they’re particularly serving at lunch, just a chance to get out of class and get something on your stomach after hours of hard learning. Those are the benefits; the bad part is the lines are usually 5 miles long so it takes forever to even get a tray.

After the journey of being in line when you finally get out of it if the cafeteria is full it’s another small hassle of finding a seat. Once you get one everything from there in my opinion is ok, you get to sit with some friends talk about something’s and just chill before you have to spend another 90 minutes in someone’s room.