School Descriptive Essay Online

There are many problems facing the school systems of America, things such as funding.

A large group of people would say that the problem lies in the children. The fact of the matter is this, you can’t blame all of your problems on kids. Yes, you could argue that the students Don’t wish to learn but that’s not the real issue. The first issue facing public school systems to me is school lunches. Nowadays students are expected to learn while operating on a minuscule amount of food.

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While I understand the need to be healthy I also believe that we need sufficient fuel to do well in classes, on quizzes and in general. I understand that it would be more expensive to have better lunches but isn’t paying more worth being in a good mood when you get home? If you sit around the lunchroom most days you will hear students gripe and grime, saying “this is nowhere near enough food!” I recall a quote ” a healthy mind In a healthy body” but how is our mind supposed to be healthy if we’re running on so little food? So I vote that we have bigger school lunches at least a couple days a week. Another, and possibly more import matter, is funding, due to Americas lackluster funding, students fare badly on international math surveys but whose fault is that really? Today teens spend more than seven and a half hours consuming media (Washington post) that’s just how information is taken in nowadays. So to have modern teens take a test on a boring piece of paper? That’s ludicrous! If schools had more funding they could implement technology into everyday lessons and make learning bearable possibly even (dare I say) fun. So with a little more funding we can put technology , and learning, in the hands of the students.

There are a lot of problems facing the public school systems, I have named off two, but both of which I believe to be fairly prominent. But both I believe are fairly important and affect the way students live and learn. So, let’s make schools a better place. With just a little more food, and a little more money. We can make schooling better and make Americas future much brighter.

So, what are we waiting for? Cites: Media policy