School Uniforms Free Essay Online

Forcing kids to wear uniforms in school helps with less goofing around and bullying and helps with more working.However some kids do not like wearing uniforms because they want to wear cool and unique clothes that they actually want to wear to school and not be forced to wear uniforms.But some parents might not be able to buy school uniforms.Or they already have clothes for school.Schools would have extra uniforms to give to kids that can not afford them at the current moment.

Although your opinion might be different than mine I think that kids should wear uniforms in school because it helps with learning and education. There are many reasons why schools should not have uniforms and why they should have uniforms. Here is a couple of reasons why they should have uniforms in schools.The main reason schools have uniforms is because it helps kids learn and have better education because they are not messing around with their clothes during class.Uniforms in school have helped schools with less bullying and fighting because of their clothes.So therefore with uniforms they do not have different clothes then other kids so there is less bullying.

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Some schools have also put in the rule of uniforms because of weapons concealed in loose clothing. But a reason parents might not want their kids to wear uniforms in school is because parents that do not have uniforms and already have clothes for theyre kids and what would they do with the clothes they already have if they have to get rid of their normal school clothes and get uniforms for school.Because parents that have kids that have never worn uniforms to school will have to get a whole new wardrobe of clothes. If there school makes the rule of uniforms. Although uniforms can help with education and learning they can make it harder for parents that have not had theyre kid go to a school that had uniforms so they would have to get rid of their normal clothes and get uniforms for schools instead.

So uniforms can be helpful but they can also be a struggle. Dr. Jo Murphy, coordinator of the field experience program in the University of North Texas (UNT) Department of Teacher Education and Administration.Says that “dress codes could help administrators save valuable time that could be better spent on instructions for classes”.UNT(page 1) Murphy has worked in Northeast Texas public schools for 29 years.

Murphy also says”I think they level the playing field and give all students the opportunity to be seen as equal in terms of the designer clothes issue, and the fashion fads.We have so much to cover in the curriculum now, and students have so much going on in their lives.I believe we could eliminate some of the negatives and the wasted time if uniforms were the policy everywhere,” UNT(page 1) she says. Kids should wear uniforms in school because it helps with less bullying and goofing around and more education.So therefore uniforms matter because they help with schools that have a lot of bullying because of clothes or kids that do not do that much work because of clothes.However kids might not like to wear uniforms because they want to be able to pick out their own clothes for school and not have to wear uniforms in school.But uniforms would greatly improve education in schools.