School Activities Are Positive

In my opinion, school should encourage more students to be part of activities. Colegio Nueva Granada offers a variety of activities such as sports, arts, school organizations (MUN, Leadership, NHS, Stuco, etc.) and many other things.

I believe that if you are involved in an activity in school, you will be more prepared for your life when you grow up. Being in an activity will help you become more compromised, responsible, and disciplined. It will also help you socialize with other people who share some of your same interests. Depending on the activity that you choose, you can develop other characteristics and become better at what you already like doing. For example, if you love a sport and you decide to join the team, you will become a better player and at the same time you will meet new people. If you join a school organization such as Leadership, you are learning how to be a leader and how you can make a difference in the world with other people who also think like you do.

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Another example is MUN, because you can go to other countries and debate. At the same time you will learn about the current global issues and situations, also you can meet new people. Activities are positive too because instead of going home and watching TV or playing in the computer, you are actually doing something that is very good for you. The best part is that being a part of an activity will be better for your application for college. “Ivy league colleges will look for a history of participation in extracurricular activities such as student government, athletics, and volunteer work or community service.

They are looking for proof that you are a hard working and well-rounded individual who can manage time well and also excel in areas outside of academics.” said Gabrielle Nicolet in the article “Ivy League Colleges Academic and High School Requirements” that you can find in In my case, I am in three activities: soccer, volleyball, and leadership. These activities have helped me a lot, especially sports.

When I do sports I feel good and I release all my stress there. Also, I have made a lot of friends and I know that I can count on them whenever I need. You feel like a family. I am also very proud to present CNG. In leadership, I learn a lot of things to become a better me and try to encourage people to always try to be a better person.

Joining activities make me feel like I belong to a group where we do things we love to do. In conclusion, I think that you are not only doing what you like, but also it is very positive for you as a person.