School Bus Safety

Hi I am Shea and I am here to address the issues of school bus safety. This issue is very important because if you have kids running around on a school bus and they are not protected in the event of an accident, they may be fatally injured. I heard that seatbelts cost $8,000 dollars and they need to come as standard on all brands makes and models of school busses; that would greatly improve the safety of our school buses. Although the cost of seatbelts may seem high– let us remember that seatbelts will save lives not destroy them and improve the safety ofBlue Bird Bus 29 ( that is my school bus). Another important safety feature we should all provide is adding anti-lock brakes.

Anti-lock brakes would also improve safety by not locking up the wheels under hard braking conditions. Air bags would also greatly improve safety by not getting head injuries and it would save many bus drivers’ lives; the seatbelts would stop kids from running around on the bus; the anti -lock brakes would prevent the wheels from locking up under hard braking; the airbags would help by not injuring your head on an accident— and if we added all these extra features that would make our buses safer than ever! Making our buses safer than ever would also eliminate ordering these features as stand-alone options — which would add tremendous value for school districts and an important selling point for the customer to purchase their bus. Together we must work to improve the safety and performance of our school buses. Our lives matter!

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