School Eduction – Opinion

I think it’s important to get a good education in school and try your hardest, and I’ve always thought this. Getting higher grades and passing tests is important but I also think that you shouldn’t stress on getting straight A’s.

Every person is different in their own unique way and some of us aren’t good at certain subjects but I don’t think that is an excuse to sit on the curve and do nothing. Trying your very best is important in many ways, and not just for pleasing the eye. You physically and emotionally feel great when doing your best without stress, and I think if you are taught correctly you can do just that. As middle schoolers we don’t think much about College or education, but when we hit high school we start to worry more and more about this subject. It becomes almost a constant stress, and I think it’s important to get this stress of your shoulders. By taking more time to get the basics of the subject your troubling over, and to really understand the meaning of the concept, I think you will not only get better but also feel good about it.

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Seeing people, teenagers especially, stress over school work and upcoming tests is hard for not only me but their teachers and friends. To be able to get a higher education you have to be able to understand what your obstinate are to getting there. I think when people get stressed out about a certain subject, again mostly teenagers, they begin to not care. When they start to act like they don’t care people start to believe that, and don’t see the things they do work hard on. I think the importance of education really depends on the person themselves.

Some of us can go without it and are fine, and some can’t. But when you do take the time to work hard and really get to know your problems like the back of your hand, you learn how to defeat them. Your grades get higher and your options open up to the many more things you are able to do.