School Grades Matter

Students grades don’t just effect themselves.

Their grades effect everyone around them. Only one third of students entering high school are proficient readers. If students are falling behind on their grades, there should be consequences. Their grades effect their future. The better education the student receives, the better jobs they can be offered.

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I think parents should care more about how well their child understands the school curriculum. Students grades suffer if they don’t try. Students grades don’t just effect themselves, it affects their parents, friends, teachers, and their future. If I don’t keep my grades up, I can’t play soccer. Don’t you think it is important to make sure your child is properly educated? Parents should speak up if their child is struggling in school. If students are falling behind there should be consequences.

The student that is flunking is affecting everyone around them. The parents would be held responsible for not contacting the school, so changes can be made. If the student is on a team, the team would suffer because, it would be down a player. The teachers should be concerned about the child, and have some changes made. If this does not happen students can fail their finals. Students grades effect them in many different ways, that can change them dramatically.

In addition if students are starting to fall behind they should speak up and ask for extra help. Parents can talk to other adults in the school district for websites, projects, or for a new study tool. Schools should work harder to expand their budget for new materials so the students can concentrate more easily. The school can host fundraisers to raise money for the supplies. There are many different ways students can get help with their education.

Students need to focus more on their school work and less on free time activities. A students future is reflected on his/her’s grades. In high school the higher the grades are, the more scholarships you can be given. Most eighth grade students do not read at a correct level. Studies show that boys are behind in their reading skills in all fifty states. Schools should work more on the students reading levels.

At home students can read to improve their skills. Students grades are very important. They effect their future and everything around them. The more years they spend in college the better degree they can receive. If students are properly educated they can get a high paying job compared to a low paying job. New materials for the school may be expensive but the school can host fundraisers for the money.