School Hours

School Hours Don’t you think school is longer in way. and don’t you think it would be less confusion if we had a shorter break? This is why School hours should be decreased, because us teens will have more free time and it will be less attitude towards adults and stress and people. Well we adolescents won’t complain. Adults will see changes in people like back talk; being late I hope because us teens have the tendency to be late and if we get a break from school like limited hours it would be less pain and trouble.

and we would have time to get ourselves together and organized. But, if we do get out early we would get in trouble most of us wouldn’t have any plans we would be bored Even though school days are long. We should get some time off. It would be a lot better stressing, would slim but if we do take time off and our school hours are short people would get there self in a lot more trouble. 7 and 10 of sitting down where you could be outside getting some fresh air, and adolescents might have family that work throughout and they have the evening of if we are out early we can spend time with them if we are in school. for 8 hours then those people can never see them we could spend a lot more time with our family’s and some exercise that’s time for everything your sitting there your still in school but just not for that long your still getting your work done but it’s just a small decrease in time current school hours along with longer time do not give teens more time to do more activities that needed to be attended to another reason why it will give teens more time to do more things.

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if a family is in need for help are time decrease will help And if we are out early we can get are work done Also teachers and other staff could also have a break even though teachers like having us around giving us things to work on they don’t as much as we do. they won’t be in a rush grading our papers they would have time. 95% of teachers don’t grade a lot of papers on time they will have a chance to grade our papers they would have it all done an ready to give to students.most students want their test back on time not late it will give teachers a chance to grade them. Teens. can study more get their work done have time to do their homework and wont freak out cause they did not get enough time to do their work or worked all night on it cause they did not have enough time or they had something else to do making up things as to why its not their it will give teens more time to do it and more time can be left and we won’t panic we will have enough time to get all the work done But us teens just need a flat out break and teachers will receive a break a good one to teachers will be less mean and hard core they will be nice cause they won’t have a lot of stress either everybody needs a break sometimes cause everybody needs it and if we do get out early we would get sleepy and we won’t absorb it all up some people then teachers will get mad instead of getting out early school hours need to decrease! So it will be less arguing less get in trouble and everybody wouldn’t have a problem with going to school it will be enjoying for people and teachers.

less drama. cause us teens in this day in age have a lot of drama going so it will be better for everyone so that won’t happen it will be drama free and less fighting but if we do get out people will fight more but some I hope know better teens have common sense so if we have shorter school hours that won’t happen and teens will stay out of trouble. Get their work done on time but the average teenager attitudes in the US changes when they at least get a break from school. Even though everybody wants to get out it kind of would be a bad thing cause things would go wrong it wouldn’t be a good environment if we are in school we could learn more and mabey get a lot done an by the time we reach home do your homework eat take a shower it would be 9 o clock before you know it so in a way its bad cause we teens in this day in age keep things going in the air so it would be better for us to stay in school so that wouldn’t happen and good things would happen and no drama would be spread