Should school hours be lengthened

People’s stress levels and many other things will be affected if school hours are lengthened. The extra money that will have to be payed, the people that will be effected, and all of the time that will be lost should all be considered before lengthening school hours. Students are giving them an excellent education so, why should the hours be lengthened? If school hours are made longer, so will the price of admission. Creating longer school hours for students would also mean longer school hours for teachers. Making teachers teach for a longer period of time would also mean having to pay more for their paycheck.

Whether you are paying for it in taxes or you pay up front, you will be paying more. School is already expensive and a lot of people can not afford school already. With the increase of the price fewer students will be able to afford school. The school hours should not change because people’s stress levels will rise. With the longer school day there will be even more stress for students. The stress would come from more school work and from being inside for that longer period of time.

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Most students do get recess but, not all do. Staying inside for more hours is not good for students. It can lead to depression. Also, Japan is known for their very educated children. That is very true but, they also have the highest rate for preteen and teenage suicide. They are forced to go to school with the hours that we are planning to create.

Another reason school hours shouldn’t be lengthened is that during the winter months students will be coming home in the dark. With already early starting times for schools, students would have to wake up even earlier or they would have to stay much later which would mean coming home when it is even darker. If students do not get enough hours of sunlight, they could develop depression. Because it gets darker faster they could not go outside to play,or do their homework outside. Also, it would be hard to participate in any after school activities.

They would all have to be in the morning or later in the afternoon.Also, transportation would also be difficult. Not everyone can walk or have a parent come and pick them up, they would have to take the bus. Although the bus is a way many people get home, it creates an even longer school day for people. Lastly, the experiment has be tested on a Mexican school, and there was no proof of higher scores.

The longer hours aren’t working for other schools so we shouldn’t do it. Those are just a few reasons why school should not have lengthened hours. All of the extra money, extra time ,and all of the sacrifices people make is not worth it. Are all of those things worth it just to have a longer school day?