school tips and tricks section

Dear Teen Ink, My name is Nina B and I personally believe that there should be a section in your magazine for tips and tricks for school homework and school projects. I have a learning disability, but I have a very high imagination so I can easily find great ways to do school projects but I still get stuck. Most times when I get stuck it is during planning what to do for the project. Having a section in Teen Ink that has tips and tricks for planning, good things to purchase, and time management.

It would be helpful to have tips for homework help that give ways to remember things easier. Other teens can tell us their ways of remembering things that they have learned and how they study for things. Teens can tell how they learn in class and make things easier for kids with disabilities by helping and studying with them if they need it. It would be nice if you had a help section. Teens would appreciate it as a resource for help all the time.

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My class agrees with the idea for this and I would appreciate it if you could let this happen. Having this information provided in Teen Ink would help teens around the world and make the magazine more popular in schools and at home. The one thing that I always believed was if a magazine had this kind of section parents might encourage their children to use this section creating more buyers of Teen Ink. It shows others that not all magazines are stories and fashion and latest trends and this one helps kids grow and help their lives and school lives. The section would show pictures of projects and ways to remember homework and things taught in school that many people often forget in just a week or even a day. Scientists have proved that teens have more stress when they have more homework.

But kids like me, with a disability, adds even more stress. When I was a kid my mom and me worked on math problems like subtraction and addition, using M&Ms and after ten problems that I got correct I got to eat them. When I got older, we stopped that and instead we used pencil and paper, which I found boring and dumb. I saw things differently on paper which didn’t help much so I started secretly using M again for multiplication and division and even cutting them in half if I needed to. I have stopped this, but it helped me out a lot so I believe it would be handy for other teens and kids with disabilities to use this method; using their favorite candy or treat and only eating them at the end. This is just one example of a tip or trick you could use.

These ideas are what I believe would be a good to put in the tips and tricks section. I strongly believe this should be a real section in your magazine. Thank you very much for reading ! : ) – Sincerely, Nina