School Vacations

Many short vacations are way better than one long one.

No two ways about it. There are shorter periods of school, so students don’t get tired and inattentive as fast. The teachers get more breaks. And during one long break, lots of knowledge can be lost. With many small vacations, students would feel more rested, because they just got off a break.

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Right before the summer break, school would be ineffective because students would be anticipating for the only break of the year. Three, four, and five day weekends are, by far, enough time off, yet not so much as to get students to forget material, or get to used to an unstructured and school-less day. With many breaks spread out throughout the school year, teachers would have more time off, instead of working all year, then having to deal with all the back-to-school drama near the end of the break, which totally ruins it. Teachers would feel more rested, and be able to teach the students more. School is about learning. But, with only long break, students probably wouldn’t review their knowledge, therefore losing a good portion of what their teachers tried so hard to teach them.

A more effective way of keeping the info in the students’ brains is to have many short days off. Students then wouldn’t have long periods of time without school, preventing massive loss of teachings. Weekends already happen, and students lose no learning over them. So what harm would occasionally adding a few days to them have? Obviously, without a doubt, many short breaks are much better at retaining knowledge taught. Schools nationwide should switch to this method, which is a much more effective way of taking a break out of school.

Snow days become less of a hassle, just make a five day weekend a four-day. Students constantly feel well rested and ready for school. Teachers enjoy their job more. And students retain more of their learning. School is a place where you are taught not only academics, but also how to pick the best way of doing things. And in this case, taking many short vacations is the right way to go.