School=Path to Success? Why Not?

There has always been a simple code to success, get good grades, get into a good college, and then apply for a good job. Then again, today is the 21st century where some high school drop outs become over night millionaires through the internet. Recently there has become a growing controversy whether getting into a good university guarantees a higher chance of success. Now the question is, does a 4.0 GPA create a path to success.

A recent study shows a class that attended Princeton had a 45 percent success rate, success refers to making 250,000 dollars a year. Then statistically speaking, roughly 55-65 percent of wealthy people in the world either only owned a high school education or lower. Thus it can be implied that education creates a lower chance of success. As we take a look at the less technical side, college brings security, security of a future. Becoming a high school drop out is a heavy risk, going to college insures you some kind of future.

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It all depends on how much of a intellectual risk you are willing to take, personally speaking there is no right or wrong. There is only, “What will Happen.” A group of scholars realized that it seemed as if the success rate of college students were going down. They decided to investigate upon the subject and they arrived to the conclusion that College does not create a productive member of society thus success rates drops. For example, if you become a lawyer or even a owner of a store, when will calculus come in handy? It doesn’t.

Yet today’s society tried to cram Algebra into 7th grader’s brains. Now let us go back into the year 1973, a 8th grade test was given in a rural farm town. The test asked what is the volume of a 8 by 7 by 6 box and how many bushels of wheat could it hold. For a farming community, this is applicable, this taught people how to become productive members of society, whereas now we are taught “modern math.” Now what seems to be the most logical choice is to change what we are learning, society and schools must come hand in hand, schools must prepare us for life not just teach us what differential equations are.