Senioritis Free Essay

Senioritis is a joke. For the past two years, I’ve experienced what they have called Senioritis. Maybe they should call that “Early Senioritis” because so many kids out there have started in sophomore year. I feel as if we all start off as such wonderful kids committed to hard work and good grades in our freshman year and then after seeing all the downs of high school, we give up. We become quitters.

Now you might be reading this and shaking your head thinking, “This girl is clearly lazy, immature, and stereotypical”. This whole paper is a generalization and opinion-based. Everyone reacts to life differently. Some skip class for no good reason, some engulf themselves in school work and have no lives. It all depends on the person.

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Every time I hear, “Seniors ignore that Senioritis” on the announcers I wonder if they even care about the kids skipping that are struggling for other reasons that are not Seniors. I’m just saying that Senioritis is not a thing, it’s just an excuse for Seniors to skip. Every day, I walk into the bathroom and there are several girls skipping and most of them are underclassmen. Some are juuling(which Tweedy will catch them sooner than later) and some are painting their nails. I don’t understand why girls would sit on a disturbingly dirty bathroom floor of Seabreeze High School.

The comprehension is unbearable that you would skip a class to get sick and catch germs in a public high school bathroom. But yet, here we are realizing the fact that it’s not even the seniors skipping the most and yet it’s still called Senioritis. This whole topic is ironic and incorrect in itself. If you’re skipping you are skipping period. You do not have Senioritis, you have an excuse.