Seven Steps to Successfully Survive High School

Every teenager in America is forced to sit in the classrooms that they hate day after day for four long years. Thousands of Americans drop out of high school before they complete it because they don’t know how to properly make it through the grind of high school. In reality, high school is very easy to make it through. The hardest thing most students have to do is find a new game web site when the one that people have been using has got blocked after weeks of furious game play.

With this simple checklist, high school should be a breeze for you and lots of fun too Step 1: Find a close knit group of friends You can’t possibly make it through four years of hell by yourself. You need to find a group of guys or girls that share the same interests as you. With your friends, you can plan things for the weekend, giving you something to look forward to on Monday or Tuesday which makes the week so much less daunting. Step 2: Befriend a person that is a higher-up at the school. Whether this is a counselor, principal, superintendant, or teacher with a lot of tenure it doesn’t matter. By doing this, it gives you someone to go talk to when a class is extremely boring or terrible.

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And it also gives you some extra pull while trying to get things that you need help from administrators on in a more timely manner. Step 3: Take it easy during the first month or so of school. Doing this makes the teachers grade your work much easier because they don’t expect you to be a good student. When you have less to work with, a teacher takes it easier on you when they are grading your work. Step 4: Use your personal days wisely Make sure you are well aware of exam rules, and how to get an absence field trip excused. Step 2 helps with these things, because you can flat out skip a class or two and your higher-up friend can write you a note excusing your absence saying you were with them the whole time.

Step 5: Recycle school work You will be forced to write a lot of papers during the course of your high school career. Many assignments will be very close, or the exact same thing. Do not worry at all about reusing the assignment. The teachers claim that they will compare work with other examples, but they don’t. You will get away with this 99% of the time.

Step 6: Do the bare minimum that you can to get by At most high schools, the teachers will give you the benefit of the doubt if you simply turn in all your homework on time. So always get it done. Don’t necessarily worry about the correctness of the work, teachers rarely grade ever assignment as close as they can, just get it done so that you can be in the teacher’s good graces, and get your grade rounded up when the semester comes to an end. Also, teachers are more apt to give extra credit opportunities if they think you are already working as hard as you can to obtain the grade that you have. Step 7: Ask upperclassmen about the easiest classes to take. Each school has its different classes that are ridiculously easy.

At my high school, AP Calculus was the easiest math class you could take senior year because of the way that the class was set up. That may be surprising to most students, but I had been told that since my freshman year. Just ask the seniors about what classes the recommend taking because they are very honest about which classes are the easiest to take. Don’t take all gym and cooking classes, find the ones that sound challenging but you know in actuality how easy it was to ace that class. Theses seven steps seem like they will do very little to ease the high school experience at the standard high school.

I dare you to try them out and compare your high school experience to anyone who did not follow all of these steps. Knowing that I was beating the system helped make high school more enjoyable for me, along with watching the people who took all the classes I was told to avoid and struggled to get all their work done. Theses seven steps saved me from having any homework or stress throughout my four years of high school, and I am passing them along to you today. Use them wisely, and have fun.