Sex educaton in schools

Do parents really think that if their child does not have the knowledge as to what sex is, they will never perform that act? Sexual education is taught in schools for the positive attributes of America’s youth and their future. Providing the opportunity to access information that may be uncomfortable to discuss in a parent-child relationship creates security within the child’s curiosity which may even prevent an STD or pregnancy. Although parents may disagree to sex education, the fact is sex is a natural part of life. If they are active in sex, the best way to prevent the worst is to educate for the best. Many children in modern society aren’t 100% honest to their parents.

Depending on how adults decide to parent, is how the child will act in their life. If the child is raised in a sheltered environment, when a sexual situation is introduced to them, chances are they won’t know how to react in a safe and proper manor. If the uneducated sexual active student has no knowledge to safe sex, they won’t wear a condom, take birth control or realize the trouble they could get into if any consequences. Pregnancy could occur, sexual transmitted diseases could be dealt with, and a mix of emotional and physical pain could come up and not knowing what to do or how to deal is scary to endure for anybody. Providing safe sex education enriches the child’s mind as to what to do in any situation approached to them. No doubt people have their own opinions towards sex, especially parents.

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Hands down, parents make the final decision as to how the school educates their child if they are under the age of 18. If the parent decides to not involve their child, so be it. When the adolescent is approached with a sexual situation, safe or unsafe, no doubt it is always better to know what to do before something happens then after. If a rape occurs between an underage child and a grown adult, the illegal act may go without justice because the student didn’t know how to act in informing an adult. That raped child may also live an unfair social environment because they didn’t know how to deal properly they have to live with the burden of always because scared or traumatized though post traumatic stress disorder.

The parents then have to live with the fact that their child is not apart of normal society because they made a decision to shelter their child from the world, while other children lived a successful healthy lifestyle. Sex education is a healthy class in school. Answering questions, creating situations and showing proper safe sex provides the students with the tools they need to successfully be safe and precautious. Once safe sex is practiced, the student will always practice it. Safe sex is better then unprotected sex.