The modern world has several developments that inhibit the positive progression of youths. Technological advancements and the media freedom act negatively towards achieving a moral society. Youths engage in activities that influence them negatively as they try to emulate what they watch on TV’s and the Internet.

Unless proper guidance is given to them, and morals invoked into their lifestyles, they will never undergo positive transition through their puberty life. The option of using a condom, as advocated by media and peers ends up distracting the course of abstinence. The temptations that sexual practice presents among youths may prove difficult to resist. Churches advocate for abstinence as written in the Bible. Peers advise each other on using protective means as abstinence is hard to hold. It all depends on the individual.

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Sex education should be offered in junior schools in order to enlighten the children on the future life expectationsin preparation for the transition (Jesse, 2011). The myths on genital herpes, whereby it is stated that one can get the infection when his or her partner has an outbreak that is visible, may not be valid. Many people have this infection, and they do not know. People still contact these infections because of ignorance and negligence. Peer pressure may have an impact as most pieces of advice are usually misplaced and never portrayed the real issues on the ground (Jesse, 2011). Fathers play a pivotal role during the whole process of pregnancy until childbirth.

In ancient times, fathers used to provide the care needed during this time. Since childbirths were done at home, they were present to witness and provide moral support. In present times, fathers only come to hear of the child after several days of delivery. There is little attachment they offer to women as they rely on the private hospitals and nurses. Involvement of other family members is necessary as they provide hope to the mother which trickles down to the healthy life of the infant.