Short but Certainly Not Sweet

What is the most complicated question you can come up with? What’s the hardest mathematical equation to ever exist? What is the hardest paragraph to rewrite into something entirely new and beautiful? The answer is quite simple despite the complexity of the question at hand.

The answer, my friend, is something so vast that it may never be clear as to the true meaning. The answer is life. Something I’ve never been able to grasp is how things can be great one day and then the next, you’re ready to just be done. How, despite our efforts, we are defeated constantly by life and it’s obstacles. I was once told that what ever challenge I can overcome will make me stronger but I’m starting to question the truthfulness of the statement. Every accomplishment comes with scars and bruises and I’m starting to wonder if, after a while, it might be too much for me to handle and to cope with.

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I’m only human and I can only take so much. With that said, I’d like to inform you that life is hard. There’s no denying that and whatever demons you’re dealing with won’t go away unless you do something about it. Nothing will ever be handed to you on a silver platter and the sooner you know this, the better. So, while I write these words I am finding a way to cope and a way to handle things.

I would advise you do the same.