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Obviously phones are important to people everywhere and anytime. The school bans aren’t doing any good also very risky if you bring it. I had once brought my phone but i took it out and checked the time on my phone. And the teachers saw meso she took my phone. Which here us why i strongly agree why phones should be allowed in school and here are some reason why.

#1 the phone could be needed and an emergency could happen and be fatal phones are great at calling and contacting. #2 schools welp they should keep up with the time. They’re way behind on the the students generations. These phones that get to be able to stay with students helping them increase grades and help save school technology damages.#3 helps students more chance on increasing work and homework knowing they won’t do bad and this helps their grades go up. Work isn’t don e by itself get to it.

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Students can be lessed stress and pass easily. Here’s what’s bad, parents say ‘‘NO!” reasoning for this is because social media and games are a big distraction and give them more time to have time to use them. But with schools up to date rules can improve and prevent this. I want to help increase students grades and succession on test and that one day school can be easy and less stressful.