Free Essay on Should cell phones be allowed in school?

Riiiing!! “PLEASE give me your phone or turn it off please.” Cell phones in schools are maybe not allowed but kids are still bringing it to school, supposedly for emergency calls. But there are reasons why teachers and schools don’t accept phones. PHONES IN SCHOOLS Phones in schools have been a distraction in every school. Every time a phone rings it causes a distraction to all the kids around you.

Normally kids play video games on their phone and it makes sounds and continues playing it, and eventually don’t pay attention in class and rather text in class than learn. BAN PHONES OR NO? I think they should ban phones from schools because it’s just a waste of time bringing them to school because they can just be taken away. But the reason they should is because it’s very addicting since they text and play games during class, or maybe if they can’t play or text there they can just go to the restroom and do that there. On the other hand kids think they should bring it just because if they have an emergency, ‘Why can’t they just use the school phones.’ However these actions can lead to detention, trouble, or even ISS (in school suspension). Phones can be useful for a math problem or just for fun, but phones can be a serious cheat machine when it comes to tests.

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So if you basically don’t want to get in trouble don’t bring your phones to school!, and my proposal is that they should make a rule about phones in school or just ban them.