Should Have To Take Parenting Classes?

3 out of 10 teen american girls get pregnant at least once before age 20. That’s nearly 750,000 teen pregnancies each year. When teen pregnancies occur in one’s life the teen parent starts to become clueless about how to properly take care of their child. Teen parents aren’t educated well enough to know how to feed their child, or change diapers, or handle challenging situations.

Teen parents probably don’t even know how to manage their time well enough to take care of their education. Teen parents that have no past child experience could cause a major problem to the growth and development of their child. This is why I strongly believe that in school parenting classes should be a requirement to graduate from High School. Teen parent’s may not know how to deal with a baby or child without becoming abusive. All of the time when you are around any child you must consider the fact that they don’t know what havoc and chaos that they are causing. For all that I know children are thinking about their mom, food, or sleep.

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Dealing with a child is a lot to handle, so when all of that anger builds up and they get really aggravated they tend to put it all towards the child causing the terror. Not knowing that they can cause Shaken Baby Syndrome. For example, a child could continuously wakes up the teen mom with he/she’s loud crying. Once the teen mom gets aggravated it gets to the point where she doesn’t care and she will do anything to make sure that the child stops crying. That includes hitting, shaking, and screaming, in which all of these ways of trying calm a child are terrible.

Teen moms need to learn how to solve those situations and further understand how a child thinks. High School Drop-Outs are another effect of becoming pregnant in High School. According to Guttmacher Institute, “more than 750,000 teenage mothers are faced with the prospect of what to do if they have a baby”, quoted by Kay Ireland from LiveStrong. All of this pressure on tee parents could cause Drop-Outs, because it’s hard to balance having a job, taking care of a child, and focus on school all at the same time without barely getting sleep. We don’t want High School Drop-Outs, because these High School students are our future.

Finally, right along with being an abusive parent, or High School Drop-Out is learning how to conquer challenging situations or to know the basic tips to being a parent. It’s very important that no matter how old you are or how great of a parent you are, you should know the basic parenting tips. As quoted by Kay Ireland “Changing diapers, bottle feeding, and sleep techniques may come second nature to someone more experienced, but a teen can benefit from learning about different parenting techniques.” Gaining crucial skills, perhaps about what to do in an emergency, or how to keep your child on a healthy schedule are both great reasons to join a parenting class and make your life easier. Parenting classes could be a waste of a perfectly good class period, especially for those who know that they won’t be having children anytime soon. Sure, students could take a class that they like more or is at least a little bit more interesting , but you have to examine the fact that we as humans can’t completely predict the future.

Teen moms that don’t have any child experience could possibly become a major concern for children. Without enforced parenting classes anyone could become an abusive parent, there could be High School Drop-Outs, or they could even miss out on crucial skills that could benefit them in the future and take an important role on the well-being of you. The school board needs to start enforcing this class to all High School students right now, because at this rate anyone could have a child.