Should Kids Nowdays Have Homework?

School can be pretty fun most of the time, since we have different subjects arranged everyday, and students can participate in classes that they like. Teachers in math and language classes are also trying to encourage students in their class to participate more often by adding different variety of activities to make their classes interesting and enjoyable. Most teachers excel trying to make the class more kinesthetic, but they left out the critical thinking part and instead create stress to the students at home, so is having more fun at school and having more work to do at home is a good idea? Or should we have no homework at all? Based on nces.

gov, all students around the world have around seven hours a day studying at school. Other than some breaks, students are expected to work hard in class about six hours a day. After school a lot of students have accademy arranged by their parents, such as math, language or instrumental academy, and a lot of them are facing the problem of over-scheduled plans. After the students arrivehome from academy, they will still have homework assigned by their teachers, and maybe, even some from academy! Since students studied at school for seven hours plus some of them has academy. Teachers should not give students homework. After school is for students to go out and socialize with their friend, go out and enjoy sport and fresh air.

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Staying at home all the time will cause depression and low-self esteem, which makes think that you are not valuable and important in the society. Many parents thinks that 7 hours in school is not enough for their child, so that is why they encourage homework. They want their child to grow up smart and get a good job, so they “force” their child to do their best and participate in all activities. This causes their child to become unsociable with others, and will likely cause them to stayhome and not interact with others. You might think that if you force someone to learn something continuously, it will help them learn more effectively, but based on www.utica.

edu it says that take a 20 minute break between each class improves students learning quality and quantity, so school should include more breaks between each classes. Since we are learning more than usual than normal, we should not have more homework. Homework will improve your academic achievement? Maybe that’s what you parents and teachers have told you, but multiple research had shown that students with homework do not have huge improvements on their grades. So since homework does not improve anything, why do you still waste your time doing it? Your teacher and parents might tell you again, homework will help you reflect on what you’ve done at school that day, but that is also not true. After you’ve learn the skills at home, the teacher will assign you homework about that topic or skill, stating that this will “help you”, but base on, after 7 hours of knowledge in your brain in one day, putting more homework into it will not help you remember what you have done, oppositely, trying to “jam” more knowledge into your already overloaded brain, the skills you have learn will not only get mess up, you might change completely about the way you think about the topic, which will not only makes you not understand about it and making you more confused.