Why Schools Should Get Rid of Homework

Schools should get rid of all homework forever. A lot of kids don’t even do their homework so why have it? The reasons that they should get rid of homework are some kids don’t do their homework, it’s a waste of paper and it brings students grades down. A whole bunch of kids don’t even do their homework in the first place so why would you have it.

Giving kids homework is like giving them a boring article they won’t pay any attention to it. It’s a waste of paper. Don’t you think we learn enough in class. You’re killing trees by making homework because you use paper and to make paper we kill trees. It doesn’t make any sense. Homework just helps bring kids grades down.

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You’re just making it easier for them to do hurt their grades. Do you really want your students failing school because of homework? If schools get rid of homework I will build a new building called anti-homework building when I grow up. Instead of homework 5th period should be a time for the teachers to go over what they taught and work a little more on all of it. The teachers should switch every day like Math, L.A., Humanities, Science then repeat.

That way the kids will get two periods of one class a day and won’t need homework. This could also be the time that they do the work they didn’t get done in class. Not giving homework will get some kids into college with scholarships. If you don’t give kids homework they will have more time to play sports or practice what will get them scholarships to good colleges. They will be able to perfect those skills and be great. They will also have more time to spend with their families.

If you get rid of homework you will be making a bunch of kids happy but also be making the amount of class work they do in class go up. They will need to move through things faster. It might be a little harder than normal but it will be beneficial in the end. The parents will possibly be happy too because they will be able to open up their schedules for after school. The parents won’t have to struggle helping their kids with their homework.

Some parents can’t even do their kid’s homework so that eliminates getting help from parents. You should just get rid of homework. What I’ve just told you is why schools should get rid of homework. Lets recap I wrote that the three reasons are kids don’t do it, it’s a waste of paper and it brings kids grades down so they should just get rid of homework completely. It would really make some kids happy so please get rid of homework.

Do you really want to see you’re students in summer school or in tears because they fail their classes? If you do then keep homework but if you don’t then take it away.