Should students have to get a 2.0 to get their license

Grades for license. That’s what some schools are saying to there students. The schools that are doing this are requiring them to have a 2.0gpa to get there license.

In a attempt to raise grades. Which means if you are having hard time in school you cannot get your license till you can get your grades up. Which brings up question is driving a right or a privilege. If they require people to have a 2.0 then as soon as they get there license then when they get it then they will stop trying.

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Which means in actuality there grades will decrease. This means that there plan will back fire and make there grades go down instead of what they wanted. That’s one of the reasons this will not work. Some people have parents without jobs or cars and need to be able to get a job to support there family. But if they have low grades they will not be able to do that.

Which makes them have to live without money for a while. The big reason they should not make people have to have an 2.0 to have a license is the experience. All of us here the stories from are parents about how fun they had driving. And how when they were driving they felt so cool and all there friends said they were cool its all a big line of cool. Some people might say that if you make someone get a 2.

0 to get there license they will do it at all costs. Well there wrong because if someone cannot get good grades or they just don’t want to they will just wait until they turn 18 when they can get it any way. In conclusion all this shows you why not making kids get a 2.0 for there license is the wrong way to go. Like I said some people do not have the means to do anything without there license.