Single Sex Education

Single-sex education; it’s hard, it starts gender stereotyping, it makes everything worse. One reason is, evidence shows that the girls don’t allow other girls to do science because they would be a tomboy.

Furthermore, boys can’t do hybrid academics or yoga anything light or they would be considered a nerd. Stereotyping it just makes no one comfortable anymore. Yes, it is true it can make other confidence. But single-sex can make it worse too. Single-sex can start gender stereotyping, this is because single-sex education has the same gender which makes gender stereotyping created.

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Well evidence proves girls don’t like when other girls do science then they would be considered a tomboy. Therefore, like boys they are not aloud to do yoga or any hybrid academics, so the boy would be considered a nerd. Furthermore, School could be hard if there is gender stereotyping. This was by “Blue is for boys, red hearts is for girls”. The test score percentages are way better in co-ed schools than single-sex education schools. Specifically others get better percentages in co-ed.

Also, one reason is there seems to be bad test scores because there is way more common things with own genders that you get way more distracted, with your own gender than both genders together. This is because they get way more comfortable with each other than with their opposite gender together. This was by “Single-sex education pros and cons” Single-sex education can be comfortable to same gender but how can it help if it gets to comfortable or if the gender stereotyping gets super giant. That would not help anything that has been created in your life. Yes single-sex education is getting better in public schools but the gender stereotyping just makes no one want to go.

But one big reason is that the other cultures are never thought. Also, communicating can be comfortable but it’s nice to get out of a comfort zone, go beyond the limits.”What are the advantages of single-sex education” Some people might think that Single-sex education is really nice and raises confidence. But research shows that how can in single-sex education be confident if there is gender stereotyping that is bringing you down to the ground. “Single-sex education assailed in report” Yes, single-sex education can be comfortable but still can be a waste of time for others, it can be hard and soft. Single-sex can have many problems, but many good things too.

This is because one side might say “gender stereotyping is a big impact in single-sex” by Single-sex education assailed in report. Some others might say “it gains great confidence” by what are the advantages of single-sex. Well there appears to be many pros and cons, but lots think that single-sex can be very comfortable and can gain lots of self confidence.Single-sex can be a waste of time, and it is.