Slavery in the Eyes of Frederick Douglass

Being a slave himself, Frederick Douglas is one among the most effective authors who were able to instantiate a more definite approach on relating the realities of living as a slave. Basically, the life of slaves during the years of oppression in America has been further recognized by Frederick Douglas as the darkest years of the Black American race. However at the same time, he also viewed this era as the perfect ground of training the Black American race into becoming more than what they are and realizing their worth as individuals and as part of the human society.

Why has the said author used two ironically different views to be able to explain his opinion about slavery and oppression? Surely, Frederick Douglas aims to make a good presentation of how the White American driving force for slavery has affected the realization of the Black race with regards the importance that they have in the society. Basically, the situations that they needed to deal with during the said era of slavery have taught them well in finding the best kind of development that they need to be able to handle the most challenging events in human life. Believing on the fact that humans are able to make the best of the situation that they are dealing with, Frederick Douglas has been able to see the bright side of slavery and how these elements of bettering life through adjustments towards further development to freedom has a allowed him to make a good prediction on the possible fact that the black generation would soon be able to make a good sense of the experiences that they once have dealt with. Through this, his reading has become one of the best historical read that denotes the truth about slavery and the realities of living that the said history gives birth to. Surely, it could be observed that through this presentation of realities, Douglas was able to point out the fact that slavery may have caused heart aches to the oppressed ones, but it also certainly provided the most important lessons that the slave-class themselves needed to understand as part of their personal growth.

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