Sleeping Report

D. Dagadu Sleeping and Dreaming Report Dreams have been the interest of people for along time. Why do we dream? Why do we sleep? Those are some of many of the questions that people still ponder on today. This is a detailed sleeping and dreaming report.

In this assignment I was encouraged to keep a dream journal. The dream journal was to include the times in which I slept and awoke each day. My daily routine before bed each day, and my sleep/dreaming patterns were to be recorded also. How I felt each day was also to be recorded in the journal. Furthermore, I will be discussing my daily sleep habits and rituals.

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I will be deriving solutions for better rest, and lastly, I will be analyzing my dreams using both theories (Freudian and Biopsychological).

My daily sleep schedule is pretty unhealthy. I sleep for about 6-7 hours a night on a good day. I also tend to nap about 3 hours everyday after school. My nightly routine consists of talking on the phone while watching television and then gradually falling off to sleep. Usually that is around 11p. m.

/12. am. Then, I wake up at 6 a. m. the next day.

On weekends however, my sleep schedule is distraught. I sleep for about half of the day!

I probably regain the REM sleep that I lose during the weekdays. I am always tired and my shabby sleep patterns are surely why. Concurringly, my dreams consist of many topics. The more stressful my day is, the more I dream. My dreams tend to have something to do with what has gone on during the course of my day.

There have been countless days upon which I have been tempted to fall asleep during the school day. Why am I always so tired? Obviously, I desperately need some major improvements on my sleep schedule, habits and rituals. Talking on the phone and watching television is an absolute no-no.

Instead, I should spend my time reading a book, which is more relaxing. I need to stabilize my sleep schedule to be at the same time the whole week instead of splitting it between weekdays and the weekend. My body needs to adjust to a normal, stable sleep cycle.

I should also avoid the excessive naps that I partake in ritually everyday after school, they take away from me being able to get a good night’s sleep. I should never go to bed on a full stomach, but nevertheless I shouldn’t go to bed on an empty stomach either. Also, a cup of warm milk never let anyone down.

These are some of the many needed improvements that I should be added or taken away from my daily sleep regimen. Sigmund Freud believed that dreams have a hidden meaning behind them. He felt that they represent unresolved issues, our deepest desires and urges.

According to Freud, dreams always have a manifest and latent content. The manifest content is what the dream seems to be saying meanwhile the latent content is what the dream is really trying to say. During the course of my dream journal I’ve been have a recurring dream. In the dream I am flying over my school, Woodbridge high.

I am just simply flying.

The sky is clear there is absolutely nothing in my path except for this locked door in the sky that crosses over to a university. But the university’s name is covered. Freud would interpret this to be that I desire to be in control of my schoolwork. I am an overachiever, so in effect I don’t want anything to be in my path. But consequently, my dream is symbolically letting me know that high school and college are completely different. High school leads to me getting in but there is a barrier that I need to overcome before entering into the higher level of learning.

So, therefore I have a lot of growing, learning, and maturing to do before entering that higher state of learning. But, taking it from a different perspective, the biopsychological theory, this dream would just be simply my rain organizing information from the day. This dream may just have to do with that I am a junior and college is nearing. But, it is not yet within my reach for another year. During the course of the week in which I have been attending college fairs and visiting schools. So stress combined with information that I encountered with during those days could have also been behind my dream.

In conclusion, dreaming and sleeping work off each other. Sleep greatly affects the function if the body and mind. Dreams, to me are a result of both theories (Freudian and Biopsychological). Dreams are random images, but also they do somewhere do represent a person’s inner most thoughts and wishes. But, the exact point of a dream should be left up to the dreamer.

Sleep is needed to keep the body moving and healthy. So, in effect it wouldn’t hurt anyone to start a healthy sleeping regimen. D. Dagadu 09 psych