Sleepless in Philadephia

I guess I should start out by saying what this is (holds up book) ,It’s the book I wrote. I finally finished, it was put out in a few bookstores yesterday. Now before you crack the spine and turn to the first page you should know that it’s about relationships, Specifically one of mine.

Now hold up a second before you start judging me ok with your looks full of disappointment and disapproval, you should know that yeah I made a stupid choice but I have learned and lots of growing and maturing came out of it. Now see that love is purely an allusion made up by our minds. Alright anyway how about I read you a couple pages, now you can crack it open and follow along. Page 5 chapter one ” when sally met harry”: “Ever since I was little I always dreamed that one day I would mean that so called special certain someone. I would stay up late watching movies like while you were sleeping, Big, pretty woman, love and basketball, brown sugar, and when harry met sally. All those silly romantic comedies that give you the wrong idea of love.

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” Ok stop reading for a moment please, I just want to let you know in advance that I really took these movies to heart, I truly believed that in order to be happy this must happen. Hey don’t look at me like that, we all know that you have watched at least one romantic comedy within your lifetime, and you what the hell are you laughing at we both know that when you are crushing you sit in your room and think of different stupid scenarios of how you two would fall in love. All of you need to stop looking so smug. Anyway as I was saying ( opens book and begins to read aloud ) ” I would constantly find myself daydreaming about when I would meet this dream guy whether it was across the room at a crowded party or he would help me pick up the christmas gifts I had dropped on the train. Of course this never actually happened and I didn’t really have a crush till middle school when everything changed. He was in the class above me his name was Isaiah.

He had eyes that were more beautiful and darker than the night sky and a smile carved from angels. My main priority wasn’t school work anymore it was getting him to notice me. I started to wear less tomboy clothes and more womanly wear, and started putting my hair in a bun. It wasn’t working until my last year …. the 8th grade.

I had invited him to go to a poetry slam with me, that day I spent the whole time before the slam getting ready. I put my hair in a high ponytail and wore a dress, and I even put on some eyeliner.” (Stops reading and flips through the book) sorry i’m just skipping around a bit I want to get to the juicy stuff, I mean I can’t spend all day reading this…. I have a book talk at the coffee shop down the street ( smiles widely). Oh wait here it is page 9 chapter 1 “when sally met harry”: While we were at the slam he said he was hungry so we walked to dunkin donuts ..

.. pretty romantic right. On the way back we stopped at bench and sat. He put his arm around me, I couldn’t believe it the guy of my dreams was touching me my heart was beating so fast I was scared he might hear it.

Then it happened he leaned in and kissed me I thought I was going to puke I was so happy nervous and stressed about what was happening. So many thoughts raced through my head. This is perfect the guy of my dreams is kissing me in front of a dark beautiful city night sky line, Im basically sandra bullock . After that night I knew I would never be the same, it was my first kiss and it was with my so called guy of my dreams.” (closes book) ok since I know all y’all are gonna say “it’s just a kiss like calm down”.

You need to understand just how hot he was like you really don’t understand. The boy I liked for mad long kissed me….. a Kodak moment I think yes. So we are going to speed ahead to the next week.

Page 20 chapter 2 “while you weren’t sleeping. “: “A week after the night of my dreams he texted me saying it wouldn’t work between us. I was devastated I had never experienced a ( does the quote fingers ) ” heart break” before, and if I am being honest…

. It hurt like a b****. I cried for what seemed like weeks till he texted me saying he wanted to hangout.” Let me just stop to say now I see how stupid of me it was not to ignore him after he hurt me the first time, but I just couldn’t I had convinced myself that I wasn’t happy without him. back to reading: ” Half of my summer we spent together and then he asked me to be his girlfriend. Once again I felt like puking, mostly because I get stress pukes a lot.

I threw up in my mouth then ran quickly to the bathroom. I cleaned myself up and turned to look in mirror. “listen dude this is the best thing that has ever happened to you, don’t mess it up” I said to my reflection. Everything in my life was perfect I felt like the happiest girl alive until… he dumped me.” I think you should know upfront that It wasn’t a normal break up.

It was the type of break up you know… where he dumps you for a girl with the same first half of your name…hasn’t that ever happened to you? Anyway reading on: “The rest of that summer was hell, I had a hard time getting up in the mornings at that time. I honestly didn’t feel any reason to try anymore. I was depressed and ill.

” ( closes book ) now before you be a jerk just listen to the next section I read. (opens book and starts to read) “Then one day woke up and realized that I really needed to get over it, I needed to stop be selfish and get back up on my feet. I needed to accept the fact that sometimes yeah life will knock you down but you still need to get up. So to keep myself busy I wrote, I started to write. I wrote about everything around me.

I would write down everything I did. I was doing great for the first time in weeks I was actually happier than when we kissed that night. ” So I am not just going to read two more chapters, I can’t be late today. (opens book) Page 40 chapter 4 “pretty man” “After that I did something I am not proud of, I said yes to going out with I guy that I had no feelings for what so ever. There was no excuse for messing with another person’s emotions just to help my own selfish ones.

I got two letters in the mail sent from a rehab center, they were from Taye. They said that he was sorry and how much he missed me, he said something he knew would make me fall back into his arms again he said ” I have changed”. I can’t believe how stupid I was to fall for his bullshit, he was a complete asshole he knew I was in a relationship. How dare he try to win me back knowing that , It was selfish and unfair. So I ignored him and never responded.” ( looks up ) So here is the last bit.

Page 100 chapter 15 ” Small “: ” Later I found out that he had a new girlfriend. I don’t know why but this crushed me I was scared that I had given up on the one chance I had at getting my dream guy. In my polluted mind he had been perfect and I was the one that was wrong and mean. I was a messed up for a long time until one day while I was listening to M.I.

A it hit me. If it was really that bad then I should let other people know so they don’t make the same stupid mistake I did so i got up and got my life back. Thank you I love that after I spend the day with you, I can still smell your perfume on my clothes and I love you.” (shuts book) Well that’s it I hoped you like it. So now you all know and can go buy your book to have it for yourself.

You are going to buy it right, What…. I knew I shouldn’t have read my book aloud I basically gave it away for free. I have to go now to talk about my book to some real buyers not just sponges. see ya in a few hours (smiles).