Company: NoeticaCustomer: SpinSubmitted by: MCC InternationalDate: February 2000(ITALY) Internet Service Provider Spin srl. has become the first Italian organisation to invest in Noetica’s call centre and CRM system, Synthesys. Initially using Synthesys as a Customer Service application for their helpdesk. Spin made the investment through it;o consulting srl (innovations in technology and organisation,) based in Milan, the Noetica’s Italian distributor. It is planned to extend the use of Synthesys to handling and concluding sales enquiries later in 2000.

Based in Trieste, Spin is a founder member of the Italian Association of ISPs, and provides clients with services ranging from simple Internet access to sophisticated Intranet/Extranet creation and management, web server application hosting, and VoIP functionality. Spin is a leader in the Italian ISP marketplace, pioneering service developments such as two-tiered Spam-resistant e-mail. The company is undergoing rapid expansion in the Italian domestic market and is poised to extend its reach into the Central European region.Spin has invested in Noetica’s Synthesys as the platform for its Customer Service and Technical Support centre. As the company grows, Customer Service standards must be maintained to retain the loyalty of the existing customer base.

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Synthesys was chosen by Spin, on the advice of it;o consulting, because it delivered a number of key benefits, including:- rapid script building and amendment without the need for any programming skills; Customer Relationship Management to personalise conversations with all their customers and retain an outstanding level of Customer Service; and ease of use for the agents who are guided through conversations in a clear and uncluttered format.Mr Roberto Percacci, Spin’s General Manager, comments, “An organisation such as Spin, which is undergoing such growth, must look to satisfaction levels amongst its current customers. However, in this period of rapid development, our customer service infrastructure must also be able to accommodate changing customer requirements. Noetica’s Synthesys was an effective solution for Spin because it allows us to develop our support provision rapidly and flexibly without incurring system development or expert programming costs.” Synthesys will enable Spin to provide rapid and high quality Customer Service 24 hours a day.Mr Mauro Babbi of it&o consulting adds, “The combination of powerful functionality and lack of reliance on in-house technical support make Synthesys an attractive proposition for Telesales, Customer Service, Telemarketing and any other Customer Care application.

The system has already received an enthusiastic reception in the Italian market and we expect Spin to be the first of many other organisations here to grasp its compelling advantages and cost benefits.”