Healthcall Business Communications

Company: NoeticaCustomer: Healthcall Business CommunicationsSubmitted by: MCC InternationalDate: April 2000Healthcall Business Communications based in Aberdeen, part of the country’s leading provider of an extensive range of commercial support services, has adopted Noetica’s Synthesys call centre system. Synthesys provides the organisation with a call centre software platform that allows rapid script building by non-technical professionals, call tracking to deliver rapid enquiry resolution, database updating in real time, and consistent implementation of agent best practice. “Synthesys has provided essential support for Healthcall. It has helped reduce client set up times, has compressed staff training time, and taken pressure off our IT people.

Synthesys delivers tangible return on investment,” comments John Howatt, Call Centre Manager.Healthcall Business Communications has been delivering out-of-hours cover to a range of businesses and services for over 30 years. Based on a nationwide network of Primary Care Centres, Healthcall Business Communications delivers a service that is both local and personal. The company now also offers sophisticated call centre services to commercial organisations.As an example, Healthcall Business Communications provides a booking and scheduling service for engineers and those requiring engineer support in Scotland. Clients are given a single number to call by their service provider, and agents take all relevant details on behalf of an engineer.

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Once a call is received, the agent books an engineer to deal with the situation, with the engineer’s schedule based on the severity of the problems. At the appropriate point, the agent can call up a list of times and dates showing each engineer’s availability, further narrowed down by other factors such as geographical proximity and the engineer’s areas of specialism.John Howatt continues, “We chose Noetica, in competitive tender, because it matched our exacting requirements. Healthcall Business Communications rests on its reputation for flexible service to its clients, efficient and effective call handling, and failsafe call resolution. Unlike many call centres serving the commercial market, we are dealing with vitally important issues – first line support scheduling for mission-critical systems.””Synthesys provides us with a number of key deliverables.

First there is the ability to handle both inbound and outbound calls. Second is the efficient management and dissemination of mission-critical information; engineers are given full processing history as well as the data collected during the call, allowing them to make the most informed possible decision. Finally, duty rotas built into the system ensure that the right engineer is called at the right time, twenty-four hours a day.”Flexibility and speed of set-up and script building are critical to us, as no client’s requirements are quite the same. The fact that rapid script building is possible in Synthesys without the need for an expensive array of scarce programmers was therefore very important.

The Call Tracker module makes sure that queries are never left unfulfilled, prompting agents into action at key points in the enquiry handling process. And the underlying database automatically updates itself in real time to ensure that at any point, caller details are fully current. In fact, the way Synthesys is structured allows us to cater for different query types for virtually every call received.”Through the use of Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) and direct links into the Synthesys database, we have the ability to screen-pop the correct call flow (script) even before an agent has answered the call. Our agents are therefore aware of which company the customer is calling to talk with from the very start of the conversation.”Our considered decision to opt for Synthesys was based on the true meaning of value for money – namely the functionality we obtained for the price we paid.

Our exacting standards demand we sought out not the least expensive system, but the best solution, allowing us to deliver the enhanced levels of service which have defined our market leading reputation.”No relationship with a core systems provider is ever without challenges. However, we can honestly say that Noetica is a real partner-provider. They have always been willing to resolve any problems speedily and effectively. Their staff have both the business understanding and the technical knowledge to develop our system to the growing needs of our call centre.”Healthcall Business Communications is a dynamic and rapidly growing business.

All our suppliers work with us as sympathetic and intelligent commercial partners. And Noetica is one of the foremost in this important approach to successful business. Without them, we simply couldn’t deliver the kind of service and support our customers have the right to expect.”