Stanley Kubrick

stanley Kubrick ( born July 26th 1928 – died March 7th 1999) He was an american film director,screenwriter, producer,cinematographer,editor,and photographer. That is a lot of stuff. Stanley Kubrick died just five days after sendinghis final cut of “eyes wide shut”Stanley Kubrick was a perfectionist, so much of a perfectionist that he was known to film a scene 100 or more times just to get it to the point of where he thought it was perfect. After ‘2001: “a space oddessy” he had wanted to make a film about his role model, Napoleon Boneparte.

In this movie he wanted to make it had handmade sostumes, beautiful sets, and thousands and thousands of extras for battle scenes.But considering that this was very very expensive this film never existed.People think that Kubrick had filmed the apollo 11 moon landing. considering that the movie “2001: a space oddessy”was made the same year. Kubrick had gave us all hints about this in the movie “the shining” .

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One example is The kids sweater which the design is of the apollo 11. That is just one example there are many more though. I will list some movies by him who knows maybe you have seen one. The shining, 2001: a space odessy, full metal jacket, eyes wide shut,Dr.Strangelove,and Spartacus. There are many more by him.

now are some quotes he had said that I like. ” I never learned anything at all in school and didn’t read a book for pleasure untill I was 19 years old.” ” I do not always know what I want, but I do know what I dont want.” ” your an idealist and I pity you as i would pity the village idiot.” and finally”If it can be written,or thought, it can be filmed.” Now I hope you have learned at least one thing in this article.