Strategically Designed Program

A marketing plan is a strategically designed program aimed at enhancing the endorsement of products and services of businesses. This marketing plan focuses on the IT department and more specifically the use of IP surveillance in security systems. It assesses the target market, situational analysis, the marketing program, the marketing strategies that can work, and the financial overview plus will take into consideration the control measures. In assessing all these, the plan tries to present a complete picture of a practical marketing program. Mission Statement To provide enhanced security services in the urban settings and business world, the security surveillance by use of Internet protocol (IP) will enhance the provision of security and general surveillance in day to day life.

By use of the IP-surveillance, the client has the advantage of accessing the system remotely by use of IP addresses, thus, removing the necessity of being on site. The IP surveillance system employs the use of improved cameras, which are characteristically small in size, and can easily camouflage into the surrounding and be able to detect and record anything happening in the vicinity. These cameras usually have the ability to record everything in the set proximity and sounds in the area; this advantage allows for two individuals to communicate while in different locations and thus enhance the security via communication. The target Market These services are suitable for all areas of the society. However, there are specific target market niches and segments of immense interest.

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These will include the following. The banking industry will be one of the beneficiaries of the surveillance system. The Internet surveillance system is the most suitable to the banking industry where twenty-four hour surveillance is required throughout. The ability of the system to be able to respond to the slightest of movements, will allow banks to enhance protection of their money and be able to access the system at any time even if off location. The system has a device attached to the door, and thus whenever the door is opened, the camera sends a signal to the observer either through the mobile phone via a message or in the form of an alarm, and the observer will be able to view whatever is happening in real time.

The security system can also be employed in the transport sector to observe traffic and thereby allowing the control of the same easily. Its accessibility off-site allows for easier management of the transport sector through the traffic police. In the area of rail transport, the system will be used to observe the flow of human population in the subway thereby allowing for easier management of the human population. Airlines will significantly benefit from the system, as they will be able to observe weather patterns in the intended area of flight, thus being able to make informed decisions. This system can be placed in the runways of airports and used to detect for maintenance services. The homeland security agency will also find the use of IP surveillance system useful.

This is essentially the area upon which the whole idea is premised. The mission of the business being to enhance security through improved surveillance, the homeland security, is fundamentally the main target market. For the bodies charged with the responsibility of delivering improved security to the itizens, they will substantially require a system of security then can see and detect everything and anything without necessarily infringing on the rights of the mere citizens it intends to protect (Jim, 2011). The homeland security sector will employ these services to detect crime, prevent it and be able to deter the same. For the installations of these systems in different places, will allow for the continued monitoring of crime activities in all places and the response will be quicker.

Government offices will also find the IP surveillance necessary. This will achieve multi-purpose goals. On the one hand, it will lead to improved service delivery from government officials and the enhanced performance will lead to a larger expansion of the economy. While at the same time, it will deter corruption in government offices and thus improve transparency and accountability from government officials. This system of surveillance can also be used in homes or on large acres of land where monitoring may not be so easy. This can also be used inside the houses for improved security of the home.

These services can be used just about anywhere in the society by just about anyone in any age group. This is because its use is not restricted to corporate individuals and institutions, or colossal non-governmental organizations. They apply to all and sundry and their use are almost basic with the growing insecurity, need for more protection and the alarming growth the technology industry.The Situational Analysis The current situation in the market in relation to the system of surveillance is not so encouraging. This is because the industry still largely relies on the CC-TV system of surveillance. While the CCTV has much strength, it is usually prone to manipulation if it is not checked regularly for the blind spots.

These are those areas that the CCTV may not be able to cover which may be used to commit a crime without knowledge anyone. In addition, the system is largely dependent on the ability of the security firms to dispatch security officers to the affected area with haste. Unless, an individual sends security officers to the area of the incident, it will only serve as proof of the crime. The CCTV being a closed-circuit television employs the use of a lot of wires which can be rather unsightly disorganized and damaging to the devices. On the other hand, the IP surveillance system brings a number of advantages to market that the traditional CCTV does not have.

Firstly, the IP surveillance system is primarily wireless. Unlike the CCTV, the IP surveillance system has extremely few cables and wires to install, this presents are a well organized installation program which does not have the risk of damaging the devices. The idea of the system being wireless also means that it is fairly cheaper and easy to install and start. The reduced cables and wires mean reduced costs of installation, thus one will only concentrate on the purchasing of the suitable cameras that can serve the purpose. Thus, less money is spent and also there is hallowing out of walls to run cables for the cameras. At the same time, the thought of being streamed directly to your system regardless of the location allows one to rest assured that their business is safe as well as their stock too.

The use of passwords and sign in options removes the option of having to store large files of recordings. Most of the correct IP systems have a combination of VOIP-voice over Internet protocols and voice anallytics which will assist one to detect voices and thus be able to tell if there is a trespasser in the compound, and thus be able to call for assistance. Based on the current situation, the success of the IP surveillance system will be almost guaranteed due to its advantages over the current systems in place. Marketing Strategies These are programs that can be implemented to forsee the successful marketing of the security system. The success of the business will largely depend on the success of the strategy used. The strategies employed will include: Word of mouth, this is by far the most successful mode of marketing.

People are more likely to trust and believe their friends and families more than the advertisements and the on-line marketing. This is because through experience people are able to share the feeling more conversely and transmit their desire to friends. Word of mouth marketing is usually the best way of marketing anything. When people hear from other people how the system works and its advantages, they will most probably take their word for it. Multilevel marketing is entirely based on word of mouth marketing.

This is the idea that one person uses a product and tries to challenge others to use it and in itself, is tremendously powerful.Social media networking, this form of marketing has quickly gained popularity due to its ability to spread the news and information. This is essentially relying on the social networks that are available, these includes Facebook, Myspace, Twitter and other popular social networking sites.

These sites have captured the attention of not only the larger part of the target market, but also other businesses, politicians and non-governmental organizations. With their ability to spread the news and information, it is a guaranteed way to marketing. Offline marketing, this refers to the traditional modes of marketing strategies, which have long been acknowledged because of their established consistent results. They refer to things like print media e.g. newspapers, magazines, yellow pages, flyers coupons, Television and radio.

Offline marketing can be cheap depending on the strategy employed and can be highly effective. They are able to target the audience depending on the usages and likes. They can also include billboards and banners. By using offline marketing, individuals can spread the plan throughout the target audience. For instance, by using television, someone can target channels that have large viewer-ship on different times of the day.

By using newspapers, the advertising business will target readers who like certain newspapers. Offline marketing is still used by large corporations due to its ability to reach majority and if employed correctly, it can be remarkably effective. The loyalty strategies, marketing is not just about creating awareness to the target market. It is all about what the business puts in place to ensure loyalty and faithfulness from the existing clientele. When a business establishes itself and creates a certain degree of permanence to its clients, it will create confidence and encourage users to become loyal to the brand. The loyalty strategy is aimed at ensuring that the existing client base will be able to attract new clients through their faithfulness to the brand.

This strategy is cheap and almost guarantees success to the business by ensuring stability and attracting new clientele at the same time.