Strength From Within

There are two different kinds of strength physical and emotional. My English teacher asked me to think about an aspect in my life I would change about myself if I had the chance to go back and change it. Things that have happened in my life have made me wish I was more emotional stronger. Not too long ago I was set down on the couch and was told that my dad and mom were not going to live together anymore, and it was because my dad had finally been caught cheating on my mom. We kids where told we have a week to get all of our belongings packed up and to a new house.

My aunt and uncle were nice enough to lend us their house until we could find a house a single parent could afford. You would think that is a nice to do, but it has ruined that family relationship. My Aunt has not talked to my mom in over six months. Not only have we lost a close family member through this, but we don’t even have a house that we can call ore own. I have not seen my dad in six months, we were ripped out of our home and, forced to make due with whatever we could get are hands on.

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If I had more emotional strength I would have been able to handle this situation much better. I could have been there for my sister and not put all the stress on my brother and mother. My brother graduated last year and has taken over the responsibilities that my father should have had. My brother and my mom sacrifice for my sister’s and my well-being so we don’t have to work while we are in school or continue to participate in our sports. I am glad my brother was there to help sport us physically and emotional, but I did not want to depend on him for strength.

I need to be able to depend on myself. My brother and mother would be more relaxed and seemed at peace with the situation. I think if I would have forced myself to be stronger emotionally I would have not made many of the mistakes I’ve made in my past. I would have stuck with my faith for strength. I have put my mind to working on increasing my emotional strength. I want to change and I will change.