Stress Management

Date: October 12, 2010 To: Arrowhead Students From: Tressa Subject: Stress Management A major goal of Arrowhead’s this year is to reduce the stress of its students. I decided to be the harbinger for this daunting project. The way to thwart stress is to not be ubiquitous.

Balancing school, work, family, and sports is difficult. First, you should make a schedule. Knowing when you have work and what time practice is will help you fit homework in. If you have track after school until 5:00pm and work from 7:00pm to 10:00pm, homework has to be done between practice and work or after you get home. This sounds like finishing everything you have to do isn’t remotely possible, but a schedule makes it.

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Another way to manage stress is to make time for yourself. Taking a brief respite from the malignant problems in your life will calm you down. Exercising, watching TV, or reading are activities you can do in your free time to not succumb to stress. After your break, do your homework in a quiet work environment. Sitting at a desk or table is better than lying on the floor or sitting in front of the TV.

Having a designated place to do your work every day will make sure you don’t become reverberated with your schoolwork. With the reducing you stress you can make your school year less excruciating. Making slight changes to your daily routine can make a big difference on stress. Managing stress will make you less fretful about the craziness in your life.